Just a few good cleaning hacks that actually work.

how i handled some home cleaning jobs that seemed impossible.

Aaaa… Home sweet home… But home sweet home needs a sweet deep clean from time to time. Grrrr… I wished I snapped my fingers and got it all nice and clean in an instant. But there’s no such thing. So, I searched for alternatives to snapping fingers. 

The following cleaning hacks are the only ones that worked well for me. They’ve been awarded. By me. With a place in my deep cleaning routine. No, I’m not obsessed with cleaning, but these few things bugged me. 

These cleaning hacks and tips are nicely eplained, step by step, with photos and videos. Knock yourself out :)!  

Okay, ready to get your hands dirty?

Knock yourself out with these Cleaning Hacks and Tips that Actually Work.

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