Awesome & professional real estate photography in Lefkada, Greece? You're in the right place.

We do all kinds of photography, but we specialised in real estate photography in Lefkada Island of Greece. We photoshoot the heck out of your Lefkada villa, house or boat for holiday rent or sale. And we don’t stop till we get 100% out your property’s potential. We make property video productions, too.

Private property photographers based in Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece

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How does it work?

We meet, we greet, you show us around your property. You share your intentions with us. Do you want to sell it? Do you want to rent it out? For summer or for winter? It’s important. Holiday rentals photography is a bit different than property sale photography. Especially in a Mediterranean climate.

Okay. We save the date and … Engage! 

Half of the job is … actually yours :). It’s your own mess, so you handle it. You’ll need to arrange a good cleaning. Not a basic clean, a thorough clean. Windows, mirrors, floors, dusting, decluttering. Hide personal items as much as you can. You got it: an “all-inclusive cleanup”. Exteriors – wipe it clean. Garden – please give your shrubs, bushes & plants a nice haircut. 

Our turn. We come with some props, including eatable props for the kitchen and dining areas. So, you don’t need to worry about the setting up. We do all that. Ok, off you go 🙃 This is going to take a while. 

See you later. Don’t worry, we’ve got this. 

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What happens at the photoshoot?

When we photoshoot property in Lefkada for sale or rent… We do it inside-out. We do aerials. We obsess on the details photos. We take the wide-shots and the ambient as well. Nothing escapes. 

We feel people should not only see your place, but kind of… feel it also. They need to make sure it’s 100% okay for them to spend their holiday at your house or buy your property, without being dissapointed whey they actually see it.

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Why should you hire us to photograph your property for rent or sale in Lefkada?

Because we’re awesome 😜. No, not that. Because we’re fast and punctual? No, not that either. Because we’re cheap? No, if you need a cheap photoshoot of your property, just use your mobile. But don’t expect them to make wonder-sales.

You should hire us because our photography has soul. Because our photography is not just showing around, it always tells a story. Because in our photography, what you see is what you get. Our real estate photography makes sure that your client is a happy client.

The 100% positive reactions from holiday makers renting the villas we photographed confirmed us that our approach is creating the right expectations. Most of the guests that booked these places wished to return at the villas and spend more holidays here.

In regards to the villas we photographed for sale… We met the clients that bought one of the villas we photographed here in Lefkada. It was so nice to hear what they had to say when they first set foot on the property, after only seeing it and falling in love with it online. “It’s incredible. We feel as if we’ve been here before. What you guys managed to do with the pictures… it’s just like we walk now in a virtual reality that you created for us with your photos.”  

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Okay, enough talk.

All this bla bla should reflect it our real estate photoshoots, as well as in the results they brought for the owners.

lefkada luxury stone villa
photography "for sale" & "for rent"

This property was sold

For this property, we had to do a combo photoshoot/video for both sale & rent. 

lefkada, nidri: villa with sea-view
photography "for sale"

Sale agreed

This is a villa with a magnificent sea view so it was a good deal for people looking at owning a second property in Greece. We made the photoshoot of this property for sale only.

lefkada, villa with pool
photography "for holiday rent"

Here are some examples of our exterior photography for holiday renting: 

lefkada south: stone house
photography "for sale"

lefkada, Ligia: thealos village resort
hotel photography "for holiday rent"

7 villas with pools, 8 apartments, 2 studios, 2 honeymoon bungalows

Thealos Village is one of the most successful renting business in Lefkada. That’s because they do a very good job in keeping the resort up to date and satisfying the clients demands. It’s a family business and it most of the customers are returning visitors. They worked with more photographers along the way, and we also made a few. Here are some of our images.

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