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I was always fascinated about the online world. Secretly, I’ve always wanted an online shop. Own website, done. Social media, done. Yet, there’s something about online shops that fascinates me.

People who have seen our photos with keep telling us we have such a good eye for photography, and generally for presenting things and places from a different perspective. We recently realised that, without intending to, we have taken photos that could work well, if used on a business website, social media, but also for an online shop, should the owner wish to develop one.

Stick with me till the end to see some examples of how businesses from different industries could benefit from a commercial photoshoot to boost their social media, to enrich their website and most significantly, grow the sales of their e-shop and generate solid revenue from e-commerce.

We’re photographers based in Lefkada, Ionian Islands Greece and we can travel in the surrounding areas such as Meganisi, Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Preveza, Parga or any other mainland locations closeby. 

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Okay, time to see some examples. We’re going to show you some images from our photoshoots we had for some friends with local businesses in Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece. 

Leather bags and shoe shop

photoshoot for website

I was looking for some leather sandals to wear during the hot days of Greece. First I tried searching online for Lefkada leather shoe shops. Couldn’t find anything, so I went to the pedestrian street in the capital of the island, and found this tiny leather shop owned by a friendly Greek human, called Spiros. 

He was selling leather shoes, leather bags and some other related items. I instantly fell in love with 2 pairs of summer leather sandals so I bought them. I was so excited to have found this little gem shop with such pretty and quality products. 

We started talking to Spiros and he was telling us that business was slow because of the bigger store chains with competitive prices, and that it was really difficult to keep up with the new times.

If Spiros took his time and hired someone to make a website, to be active on social media, and most of all to create an online shop, I’m sure that his business would thrive. Quality products like the ones he sells are rare to find, and if you do find them… they can be quite expensive. 

We took some pictures of his shop and some of the items. Hopefully, he will use them someday.  

spiros could use these photose for his new online shop (e-commerce photography)

I just hope he decides to make an online shop and start selling his beautiful products online. By taking these photos for e-commerce inside the shop and not in a studio, we wanted to help the potential clients feel they’re… actually in the shop. We think this real environment brings a richer online shopping experience, compared to just a boring white background.

For an actual online shopping photoshoot, we would go to bigger depths for each product, and show all possible angles, materials used and manufacturing details. The buyers need to be happy with the product when they receive it at home. Because… less refunds = better online reputation for the brand.

Wouldn’t you click on of the items below? Wouldn’t want to buy one? When I was visiting the real shop, I wished I had money to buy all of them :). That’s what we wanted to surprise with these photos.

next, photos that could be used for spiros's website and social media

Your own website, Google My Business profile, Facebook page, Instagram account, Tripadvisor listing. A local business needs to exist on at least the 5 of platforms I’ve just mentioned.

Mamy small businesses have already realised that. What is still missing from the profiles of these local traditional shops is… a good old photoshoot. Online shoppers or potential clients are much more attracted to a good photo, than an amateur mobile phone. 

If they were to choose between 2 similar local e-shops, 90% of the online buyers will choose the one that has better photography. That’s just the way it goes. Return of investment works.


We know social media can be a pain in the ass with all the different formats of the photos. It’s driving us crazy too. Instagram stories with a 9×16 format perform better, For Instagram posts the preffered format is 1×1 (square) or 4×5 (tall). 

Whenever we do such a photoshoot for online promo, we deliver the photos in different formats, to cover all digital needs. Even for some sections on a website, some images might be looking better in a tall format, for people browsing from their mobiles. 

We think about all that when we are asked for a commercial photoshoot. Here are some examples of pictures that could be used for Instagram stories (9×16).

Fashion shop

There are so many nice clothes shops in Lefkada, where we live right now. With all the restrictions related to Covid-19, it’s become a nightmare to go out for shopping. I would love to browse some online shops to find the one piece of clothing I’m looking for.

What I have in mind when I think of an online clothes shop, is making the photoshoot out in nature. I believe studio photos for e-commerce make all e-shops look and feel about the same. Why don’t we make it unique?

OUTDOOR PHOTOSHOOT FOR summer clothes e-shop (LOCATION: lefkada BEACHES, greece)

Catching a feeling, a moment… is what we’re gong for. Getting a bit of what the person wearing those summer breezy clothes… feels like. Getting the photos in a natural environment where people would actually wear the clothes. Going for the: “I need to have this. Now.” state of mind.

more examples on a tall format. e-commerce photoshoot for clothing shop

Swimwear e-shop

Swimsuits are sexy by default. For a photoshoot for an online shop selling swimwear, we would bring the shooting where it belongs… by the sea. 

We’re lucky to be living in Lefkada and we can choose from the aprox 60+ beaches. Not just any beaches, these are world famous ones. We’d go for sexy & chill. Something like this: 

swimming suits / swimwear store photoshoot on the beach (for growing online sales)

This is going to be a bit awkward, as we’re jumping from swimwear to food, but hey… we all need to eat. And still can’t really buy food online. But soon… my friends… we’ll be able to buy everything online. 

So moving on to food then.

Deli meat shop

One of the reasons people love Greece so much is that it still has quality food with more organic produce than other countries. We found this lovely butchery in Vasiliki, a small family shop sellilng mostly produce from their own farm.

We offered to make a photoshoot and help Lefkada’s visitors find them online via their Google My Business listing. If they wanted to go to the next advertising level, they could use these picture for a website, social media and even an online shop.

these ambient photos would be good for their website, social media, as well as for google/facebook ads campaigns.

They not only show online visitors how the shop looks like. They also tell a story. They show who’s behind the business as well. They show friendly faces. They are real. And people love real. 

for the online shop i would go with a mouthwatering shopping experience

No matter what kind of shop you own, it never hurts trying to sell online (if your products allow). Why not make an online shop and get orders online even for a meat shop. It’s (still) a bit unusual in Greece for food shops to go online, but this is the future, whether we like it or not.

Don’t know about you, but I’m already thinking of spending the rest of the afternoon outdoors, with a nice barbeque and beers. Yamas!

Food market

We’re foodies. We go to the outdoor local market in Lefkada each Saturday morning. We’d love to help a few local food shops get their products online. Here’s some food photography we done for ourselves.

food photography that just makes you hungry

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No matter what kind of shop or online business you have, we can get you the images you need. By now, I guess you realised we’re extremely in love with photography. When you love with what you do, wonderful things happen. We like making things happen, so…

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