Still a mystery. Lefkada’s Shipwreck in 50 photos.

Everyone's wondering what happened to the crew of this old fishing boat originating from Tunisia. It crashed on Lefkada's shores on December 11th, 2021. Visit Lefkada's Shipwreck via the photos we took.
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What do we know so far about this rusty fishing boat that landed at Gaidaros Beach in Lefkada?

not much. but we took a bunch of pictures.

It happened on a Saturday morning December 11th, 2021. It must be a fishing boat. For sure, it’s old. Because it’s so rusty. How old? Not sure about that. 

It seems to originate in Tunisia and there’s no clue (yet) about what happened to the crew. The arabic writings were partially cracked. We unraveled about the meaning of the writings as well as the name of this boat in our previous blog post where you’ll find also our drone video and photos of the mysterious Lefkada shipwreck.

Get a closer look to Lefkada’s shipwreck with our photoshoot.

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Life just got better.

Watch the latest video from Greece:

Some say the shipwreck is ugly and it should be removed... We think it's a piece of history.

Perhaps they are right. From where we see it, it’s a piece of history. We find it beautiful, in its rusty old way. We love simple things. We love old things. And we all love a good story. But besides the mistery, besides our calling for the “old” ways of doing things, what concerns us is the life of the people aboard. 

We hope they survived, as this trip from Tunisia with such an old boat could not have been easy. And maybe not even intentional. Odds are it was caught in a huge storm (last week the weather was not so friendly). We still hope they are somewhere safe. 

Below, more photos of Lefkada’s shipwreck we took for you.

IF managed responsibly, it could become a landmark for Lefkada's tourism.

Zakynthos has one and it’s one of the most sought after destinations of Greece. The access to Zakynthos Navaggio is done by boat only. This famous beach in Zakynthos is indeed one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

To see Lefkada’s “Navaggio” people would just need to walk to the left side of Kathisma’s beach, Easy access. Plenty parking spaces at Kathisma Beach. 

Everyone will want a memory in a form of a photo or video from Lefkada’s shipwreck. It could become Lefkada’s main tourist attraction and it has high chances of becoming internationaly known. 

If managed responsibly, the shipwreck could become the best thing that happened to Lefkada’s tourism. On the other hand it could become a curse, if left unattended. You know, the usual things that could go wrong with tourism… garbage, accidents by irresponsible people, crowds suffocating the infrastructure. 

There’s another access road to see Lefkada’s shipwreck, from Kalamiti’s beaches. The road to Avali Beach continues to Gaidaros Beach. This route is also nice, but we think people should avoid this route in July and August, as there are not so many parking places around and the road is narrow. A big number of cars could suffocate this road during the most touristic months of the year. 

We leave you with more Lefkada shipwreck photos and a video at the end of the post. 

Have you seen Lefkada's shipwreck video? Play it. You'll (probably) like it.

Enjoy the shipwreck video we made for you. We got there the 3rd day after it was discovered and we encountered some massive beautiful waves and a dramatic scenery. More drone photography, the full story of the Shipwreck and instructions on how to reach it in our previous blog post.

Meanwhile…. as we always do while having the morning coffee, we’ll keep an eye on the local press in Lefkada (, and and let you know if there’s are any updates on the curious case of the old tunisian fishing boat.  

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