Lefkada Villa with Sea View for Sale by Owner
560.000 EUR

Property for Sale in Perigiali, Nidri Area, Lefkada, Ionian Islands, GREECE

Read all about this property for sale in Lefkada with sea view and private swimming pool, for sale directly by its owner.

lefkada villa for sale with sea view
lefkada villas for sale sea view

The essentials

sea-view VILLA in perigiali, nidri, lefkada, greece

181 sqm house

2.700 sqm PLOT

swimming pool & jacuzzi





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Could this be THE ONE? Your HOME with sea view in Lefkada Island, Greece?

Hi! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Guess you’d like to see more about this property with sea view for sale by owner in the beautiful Ionian Island of Lefkas?

We are delighted to show you all about this villa, the surroundings and other details you would need to know regarding relocating or living in Lefkada part-time. We went to the villa, took lots of pictures and found out all the details. More about us here

This page is longer than you’d expect. Possibly the most detailed property presentation in Lefkada. If we were looking to purchase such a villa, we would have loved to see as many details as possible before viewing it. Grab yourself a drink and enjoy this visual ride to Lefkada :).  

luxury homes with sea view for sale western greece
lefkada properties with sea view for sale

If buying a villa with sea view in Lefkada is what would make your soul happy, let us walk you through this property for sale located in one of the best spots with sea view on the island of Lefkas. It might just be the one for you ;). If it’s not, at least you’ll learn more about the area. 

As travelling is a bit weird these days, our purpose is to virtually “teleport” you here at the property and help you feel a bit of what you would feel if you were here. Sorry we can’t bring the breeze and the sun closer to your skin… 

If your soul vibes at any point, feel free to directly contact the owner of this Lefkas house for sale with private swimming pool in Perigiali, Nidri area.

If you want to see it live, a viewing can be scheduled after March 15th, 2022. An online video viewing can be also easily booked. Talk to Sallie (the owner) about that.

Okay, let’s go! Greece mood ON!

Get the big picture. Play this video:

Some pics to get your "Living in Greece" vibes going.

Read all or take a shortcut

lefkas real estate

A place in the Sun. On the East Coast of Greece in Lefkada Island of the Ionian Islands.

In a nutshell

Meet one of the few Lefkada villas with sea view and swimming pool for sale by owner.

The property was designed as a private place in the sun and was established in 2005, on the East Coast of Lefkada Island, in Perigiali Village (Nidri) in a place that some expats living here refer to as “Nidri Hills“.

We see this area as becoming a sort of “Beverly Hills” of Nidri, with the new stylish private developments in the area tranforming it into an elegant residential area of Nidri, being close enough to all amenities, but still away from the crowds. 

luxurious houses for sale ionian islands
houses perigiali nidri sale

The building is layered on 3 levels, with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, garage/workshop, 6 outdoor parking places, swimming pool & jacuzzi, and terraced Mediterranean gardens.

The 181 sqm building for sale lays on a generously sized 2.700 sqm terraced plot with panoramic sea-views, offering sound and visual privacy from the adjiacent plots. With an ideal orientation, 126° South East, this property is not just great for summer and winters, but also suited and equipped for all-year living, with all the systems in place for cooling and heating the house.   

The setting of this property with sea view for sale in Lefkada is soothing to the eyes, in a calm and peacefull green ambience, overlooking the Ionian Sea 180°, Meganisi Island, Scorpios Island, Nidri Port and Valley, as well as the surrounding mountains.

buy villas with sea view greek islands lefkada

The property for sale is on the East Coast of Lefkada (Nidri area)

Exact location on map

Location. Location. Location.

Location is always important when buying property. When you intend to buy property in a place you’ve never lived before and know almost nothing about living there, things can get a bit tricky. 

… What we like to call … “The Elements of Comfort” in a home in a Mediterranean climate may differ from what you’re used to.

The elements of comfort for a second home or permanent residence in Lefkada are extremely particular, as they differ from area to area, due to the micro-climates of the different settlements on the island. West Coast is totally different than the East Coast of Lefkada when it comes to living. Read more about that below.

Perigiali is a satellite village of Nidri, as it’s just a 2 minutes drive away. It goes up to the hills, thus offering spectacular views to the Ionian Sea and breathable air in the summer. It’s not overpopulated and will never be, as construction permits outside of the village allows building on larger plots only.

Find below the driving distances from the house to some towns and beaches in Lefkada. If you have ever been to Lefkada, you already know that the longest trip you can have from point A to point B on this island is less than one hour. As a nice bonus, any road trip in Lefkada brings along a scenic drive, with Lefkada’s exciting mountain-vs.-sea combo. We are showing you more of the surroundings in photos in a bit.

Driving distances from the house

Nidri, Lefkada. The big picture.

Get to know how the surroundings look like from a bird’s eye perspective. Besides Nidri Port, with its active sidewalk by the sea packed with terraces and bars, the area surrounding Nidri is developing into an attractive real estate opportunity, as there are still lots of places to build a house with amazing sea views, surrounded by nature. Having a house in Nidri area is also interesting, as the potential for income from renting is growing year by year. Nidri offers ferry trips to Meganisi and Kefalonia. More on what’s around Nidri, a bit later. 

Photo: surroundings (aerial)

Okay, got that.
Show me around the property.

Property layout

Built on 3 levels, this home for sale in an ex-pat friendly area in Lefkada, was designed as to create individual spaces for each type of activity around the house.

The concrete road leading up to the property is not a touristic road and it’s only used by the people who have houses on this green hilltop overlooking Nidri. This road is also used to get to a little mountain village called Platistoma. 


The gateway leads the way to the ground level of the property, with a large paved area that could easily park 6 cars. Sallie loved entertaining friends over her house :).

The ground level of the construction hosts one independent bedroom with ensuite bathroom and a garage, that could also be used as a DIY workshop instead. The technical room with equipment serving the swimming pool is here as well, to the left side of the building, under the pool area.


The first floor is the main living area with the swimming pool, the jacuzzi and the al fresco dining area, with an outdoor dining table covered by a pergola. The first level of the house communicates with the exterior on 3 sides. Here, you find the kitchen with a sea view balcony, the living-dining area, one bathroom, one bedroom with sea-view and ensuite bathroom and balcony, as well as a second bedroom with garden view.

Second FLOOR

The second floor has been designed as an independent master bedroom with private dressing room and bathroom. The bedroom continues with a large private terrace with one of the best sea views on the island.

Photo: exteriors


Pool splash!


All Lefkada’s inhabitants are blessed to have a big blue natural pool surrounding the island called the Ionian Sea. Lots of beaches close to the house. The closest beaches to the house are just a few minutes drive away

Still, the swimming pool of this villa for sale in Lefkada comes handy for those days when you want to skinnydip alone in your own big blue pool, or just sit back and lounge calmly in your own jacuzzi.

The private swimming pool on the property is 8×5 meters (40 sqm) with a depth starting at 1 meter and going up to 1.7 meters. The jacuzzi fits up to 6 people.

Snacking. Drinking. Whatevering. By the Pool. With a view.

PHOTO: outdoor dining & BBQ

As you step outside the house via the living area at the first floor, you meet one of the best places on the property – the al fresco dining area. Under the protection of a wooden pergola with climbing mediterranean plants… this is where you’ll have most of your breakfast, lunches and dinners throughout the year.

The outdoor dining area is facing the sea side and is protected by the hot summer sun by the wooden pergola. There is a stone barbecue in the same area that completes the settngn for larger gatherings.

Show me the way in.

PHOTO: entrance and parking

The quiet street leading to the property is a cement road circulated only by the inhabitants of this small Greek village called Perigiali. A big fat evergreen fencing completing the stone wall adds the classic Mediterranean touch to this property for sale in Lefkada and also acts as a sound and privacy barrier. 

You had me at "Wow!"

Photo: interiors

PHOTO: master bedroom terrace

Time to visit the interiors. We’ll start from the last level and work our way down. 

When you’re looking to buy such a property in Lefkada you probably want a spectacular sea view. This property has one of the best sea views on the East Coast, looking towards Scorpios Island & Meganisi

You climb up to the second floor of the house, walk through the bedroom and get out on this terrace. You’re suddenly embraced by a feeling. The sensation can be different for each and everyone of us, but most people that were up here just said “Wow!” and then showed the goosebumps they just got.

Getting sleepy? Zzzzzz

PHOTO: master bedroom (#1)

The second level of the property for sale in Lefkada is the Master bedroom, that acts as an individual master apartment. There is an enclosed dressing room (where the white door in the pictures is), plus a private bathroom with a shower. The bedroom is facing South East and has an amazing sea view and that walk-out large terrace with one of the most awesome views on the island of Lefkada. 

Still sleepy?

PHOTO: double bedroom #2

After shooting the master bedroom and trying to get over that view, we climbed down the stairs to the 1st level to take you to the second bedroom with balcony and ensuite bahtroom. Take a look!

This one is for your sleepy friends

PHOTO: double bedroom #3

The third bedroom is also at the first level and has a garden view. It is the coolest one during summer, as it never sees direct sunlight.

The Master-Chef deserves a Master-View

photo: balcony (kitchen)

Yet another “Wow” feature of this property for sale in Lefkada. This is what you see when you step outside from the kitchen, on the balcony. The washing machine and dryier are also here, enjoying the views ;). Bet you’ll find better ideas for this place :)…


PHOTO: kitchen

The open space at the ground floor includes the kitchen. Completely equipped with a classic design, the kitchen offers plenty of space for you to display your cooking skills.

Bon apetit!

PHOTO: dining area

This is where you eat when you don’t feel like setting up the outdoors. Maybe for the rainy days?

Time for a shower. All this salty island air...

PHOTO: bathroom first floor

Just a bathroom with a shower for everyday use at the first floor. Nicely designed. Recently modernised.

Lounge. It's been a long day at the beach.

PHOTO: Living area

This island offers way too many options for spending time outdoors. You can go hiking, biking, sailing, paddle boarding, beach-ing or camping. The oportunities for spending time outdoors (if you’re that kind of person) will keep you busy for many years to come…

But for those moments when you just need to lounge on the sofa, this place is the one. For those winter days, the log burner, that is actually an advanced piece of technology (it’s the central heating system for the whole house) will keep you company and give you that comfortable feeling of natural heating.

Winter or Summer person?
Doesn't really matter. This place is seriously equipped for all-year living.

Heating and cooling

This log burner at the first floor acts also as the central heating system for the whole house. It distributes hot water to all the radiators throughout the house. Whenever you get the log burning going, the whole house heats up. It’s a very efficient and sophisticated central heating system, which is sadly a rarity in most houses on the island, as they are mostly designed for summer living. This seems to be one of the few properties for sale in Lefkada with an efficient central heating system in place.

There are air-conditioning units in all rooms with cool and hot air. All 5  A/C units were replaced with new ones 2 years ago. One of the 2 solar water tanks is brand new. Thus, water heating is free. Moreover, it’s eco-friendly.

Neighbours? Just one, but you can't really see or hear them.

Photo: neighbours


The property which is now for sale is the one in the left (see photo below). The other property which looks more or less the same, was built by the same owner and has been sold some time ago. It’s the neighbouring villa. If you look closely in between the 2 houses, there is a dense natural fence, plus a stone wall that assures privacy for both properties (visual and sound-wise).


Most of the green area uphill from the house belongs to the property being sold (see photo below). There trees that cover the whole area in between this house and the uphill one are tall enought to ensure privacy for both properties. The second picture is from the drone, so don’t worry, the inhabitants of the white villa you see above will not be able to see you. 

to the left & downhill

The left side of the house hosts a plot WITHOUT any building on it. In case something will be built here in the future it will surely be another luxury villa with pool. The stone wall and high grown vegetation to the left side of the property acts as a visual and sound-proof wall.

Down the hill, there is another plot without any building. Probably yet another luxury villa with pool sometime in the future.

The plots in this exact area are now being sold for crazy amount of money, some of them are asking for half a million euros for similar sized plots of land.

Made in Greece, by a British couple in love with Lefkada.
Story time.

The story

Sallie and her husband loved sailing in the Ionian Sea. They’ve been coming to Lefkada 3 times per year, renting the same sailing charter since 1998.

It took them 5 years to realize they wished to relocate here and go out on the sea whenever they felt like sailing. So, in 2003, after checking-out from the sailing boat they have rented, they arranged with a real estate agent in Lefkada to see a few plots. They were leaving the island the same day, in the evening, so the viewings had to be done on fast-forward.

They ended up seeing only 3 plots. By the time the estate agent showed them the last one, they knew they should look no further. Sallie had completely fallen in love with that wide sea-view towards Scorpios, Meganisi and Nidri. She imagined herself in her future house with a glass of wine glazing at the starry clear sky. She loved Nidri, as they’d spent so many days on the taverns and bars from Nidri’s sidewalk during their sailing holidays in Lefkada. 

One week later, they returned and started the paperkwork process for the ownership transfer. They designed and built, together with an architecht and a builder from Lefkada, not one, but two look-alike properties. They later sold one of them and created a solid privacy fencing out of Mediterranean plants and shrubs, to ensure that both houses have enough privacy. 

Out of our own curiosity for building a house in Greece, we asked her: “Why did you choose Lefkada for building a house on a Greek Island and not Corfu (Kerkyra) where most Bristish expats chose to relocate or retire?” Her reply came: 


For us it’s always been Lefkada for holidays. Tried Corfu but didn’t get the goosebumps. It just wasn't for us. A bit too crowded for our taste, too many people coming and going all the time. A bit too cold and too rainy in the winter for our taste. Plus, we didn't want to hop on a ferry everytime we travelled. In Lefkada, we have the floating bridge, so quick and easy access from the mainland. They say build a house in your favourite holiday destination, that’s exactly what we did.

Sallie Hunter, Owner of this property for sale in Lefkada

Why did you build such a big house?

I come from a massive family: 2 children, 9 brothers and sisters. I would have been crazy not to build to the full amount of the building permit. They all wanted to come and visit and land wasn’t so expensive back then. One of the plots in the front of our house is for sale for crazy amounts of money. The plot prices are growing ridiculously fast. That’s no way near what we paid for ours when we bought it.

Sallie Hunter, Owner of the villa for sale in Lefkada

Why is this house being sold? Let's hear from the owner.

Meet the owner

When our friends in Lefkada first introduced us to Sallie, she had us at Hello. First impression was: kind and smiling person with a positive energy. As we got to know her better with time, we understood she’s a kind sould. Active and chatty. A team-player and master-of-ceremonies when it comes to organisign activities. Quite right to the point and straight forward. We liked that.

We already knew she was the founder of “Puppy Pen” dog shelter in Lefkada and that she’s busy-busy and always on the run. Over the first dinner we had together with more friends, she quickly made us feel comfortable and welcomed into her own world. 

We understood that the puppy shelter she created in Lefkada fulfilled her soul and made a good use of her time, while doing a huge favour to this island with her saving a large number of homeless puppies. 

We went there and saw all the dogs and puppies waiting for someone to adopt and love them. Very impressed about how good they all looked. They all had such a great energy and communication with the other dogs. Sallie and the team are doing a fantastic work with keeping these puppies happy till they find a home!

puppy pen team lefkada
Some of the lovely team from Puppy Pen - Sallie's Lefkas dog rescue shelter

After seing her house, we asked her for an email address and she said something with SallieLivingThe Dream … at gmail dot com. That’s exactly what this house means to her.

However, she’s ready to let it go now, as her new dream is to build a new and smaller house on same plot as the puppy shelter, and be closer to the little puppies that need her. For that to happen, she needs to sell the house she lives in right now. 

So now you know the reason for selling this property in Lefkada. She’s not going away, she’ll be there for you to assist you with your questions or whenever you need her advice. She’s been living in Lefkada for so many years and she knows how to aproach things around and where to find what you need.

Some of the lovlie puppies from puppy pen that are looking for a loving family and a home:

Perigiali. A walk in the village.

Perigiali village

Perigiali is a tiny village, a satellite of Nidri Town, with its own charm and its own fab sea-view. An airy place to have a home, not overpopulated. There are a few coffee shops in Perigiali, a pharmacy, a bakery, a grocery store, a little port where you could keep your boat and a few more little shops. There is a traditional Greek tavern open all year round, a well kept secret of the area with exquisite traditional homemade Greek dishes.

Nidri. Bird's eye view.

Nidri Town

Nidri is Lefkada’s second largest town, after its capital, Lefkada Town. Nidri is the top summer destination for Lefkada holidays, as it has the complete infrastructure for tourism. It’s buzzing with life during summers and is a bit active during winters as well, so you can easily find everything you need for day-to-day life.

Nidri again. Eating, lounging, shopping. Everything-ing.

Lounging, dining, drinking in nidri

Nidri has it all: taverns, coffee bars, wine bars, grocery shops, supermarkets, a first-aid center, pharmacies, watersports, sailing charter boats, motor boats, cars, motors and bikes for hire. During summer the pedestrian area and the side-walk by the sea are overtaken by flowers and mediterranean plants, making each walk a feast for the eyes.

Feel like visiting Meganisi? Or Kefalonia?

The ferries to Meganisi and Kefalonia leave from Nidri Port. So do the daily boat trips that take you around the islands or to the world acclaimed beaches of Egremni and Porto Katsiki. 

Still Nidri. Shop-hopping.

Daily shopping in nidri

There are all kinds of shops in Nidri: souvenir shops, wine shops, fish markets, meat markets, grocery stores. There are also several larger supermarkets open all-year round.

Take me to the beaches of Lefkada! Okay, you asked for it.

Lefkada beaches

Lefkada beaches… this one of the main reasons of why we chose living in Lefkada out of all the places we visited all over Greece. We can’t help but take our drone and camera with us whenever we go to the beach. We made thousands of pictures and videos. We had seen numerous sunsets and have enjoyed many many wonderful days in the sun. The thing that makes Lefkada special is that there’s no other island with such a high number of impressive beaches in Greece. That’s why you’ll never be bored of going to the beach if you’ll be living in Lefkada :). But don’t forget you’ve got the mountain side of Lefkada too, which is a totally different sight, evergreen all year round and anything but boring! 

Any chic places in Lefkada?

Dining by the sunset

If you like dining in style, Amente and Raxi / Fly Me Bar are 2 of the places you need to see when you’re in Lefkada. It’s fine dining & drinking at a high altitude, with the sight of a very special sunset going down into the vast sea.

Annual Weather in Lefkada

Lefkada weather

Most of us know Greece in summer. Summers in Lefkada are hot in some days. But not as hot as you might think. There are several types of winds around that take make this island blessed during hot season. That’s why Lefkada is a magnet for sailors in the Ionian Sea. Summers in Lefkada are surprisingly pleasant. There are a few hot days in August, but that’s the case everywhere in the Ionian Islands.

We could say the best weather in Lefkada is from April to end of June and September to late November. Spending time outdoors during this period in this place in the sun is a bliss, with the sun not being too hot.

Depending on where you’re from and what temperatures you are used to, swimming in the sea can start somewhere in April-May and can last till late November.

Winters are mild with some rainy days, as well as a lot of sunny days. Lefkada temperatures during winters are somewhere between 15 to 20 degrees C during daytime. In the sun, add another 7 degrees C or so. Nighttime temperatures in Lefkas rarely drop below 5 degrees C during winter. It almost never freezes or snows. There is snow from time to time only in the mountains of Lefkada in places such as Karya Village.

Lefkada is also known as the Evergreen Island. Nature here is so abundant, so green, so much in bloom… that it can be overwhelming. Spring is when Lefkada looks and feels at its best. All sorts of flowers pop out each day and the whole nature goes wild. Lefkada is still not touched by massive tourism, so you can still actually see and feel the surrounding nature.

Buying this property as an investment

The property as an investment

We are specialists in renting out properties in Lefkada. We have been working in this domain in Spain and now we are adapting our strategies to fit the Greek market. If you are buying a property to have as a second home or a permanent residence and don’t wish to rent it out during the holiday season, then you don’t need to know all this. 

But in case you are buying this property in Lefkada Island and wish to also make an income with it, the return of investment is around 7% annually, with the right pricing and marketing strategy. We are experts in this, so should you require more information regarding renting out your property in Lefkada please contact us at [email protected]

Talk to the owner (Sallie Hunter)

Call +30 693 731 6560
or Message Owner

PS. Should you wish to know more about how a transaction is made in Greece for such a property we can put you in touch with a trusted lawyer who speaks good English and handles such property transfers beautifully. The way he handles another sale of a similar property on the island inspired us to recommend him with an open heart. Contact us here for that.

Lefkada Real Estate Market. What is happening right now.

Lefkada real estate market


Lefkas real estate market is showing an increased interest by people wishing to relocate to Greece. It’s living in a place in the sun in one of the most beautiful Greek Islands, without it being affected by massive tourism.

Even though Lefkada is (still) the most underdeveloped island of the 4 larger Ionian Islands on the West coast of Greece (Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkada, Zakynthos), during the last year, the number of new buildings has grown in both Lefkada and Meganisi Island.

The most recent development plans in Lefkada Island include Vliho Bay, where a new and modern marina for private sailing and motor boats has been approved, as well as a brand new marina in Vasiliki Bay, which is already partially built. One of the most expensive development projects in Lefkada is Scorpios Island (Onasis Island) which is becoming a private high-end luxurious resort.

Lefkada’s connection with the mainland, that excludes the need to hop on a ferry to get to the island is a huge advantage for an international owner of a second home in Greece. 

The closest airport (PVK Aktion Airport in Preveza), only 45 minutes away, is being developed each year, bringing in more flights from various European destinations. The connection with Athens by car is also an advantage, as you now need only about 4 hours to get there. This time will get shorter in the upcoming years (around 3 hours), as the highway is being constanlty extended.

The recently developed Greece Golden Visa program that offers visa-free travel within Schengen Area of Europe, is atractting both buyers for seconds homes in Greece and private investors who wish to own a winter residence and get return of investment during the summer renting season. One of the ways of getting the Golden Visa in Greece is to buy property worth at least 250.000 Euro and this villa for sale in Lefkada is a Greece Golden Visa eligible property.

We are still happy that the island is not (yet) on the map for huge touristic resorts, so the charm of a green island with petite buildings will still be around for many years to come 🙂 . 

Lefkada West Coast or Lefkada East Coast? Where to buy property? Good question.

There is no easy answer. Both areas have their unique advantages. You just need to decide which one better suits your most important needs.


Lefkada West Coast is an attractive place to buy an investment property, especially if you are thinking about renting it out for the summer touristic season. Due to the wild beaches and not so many developed areas, the renting season is shorter than on the East Coast. The West Coast of Lefkada offers 180° endless sea views and it’s a magnet for tourists wanting to be close to the famous West Coast Beaches such as Kathisma, Porto Katsiki, Egremni, Milos, Gialos, Pefkoulia or Avali.

However, for permanent residences, the West Coast of Lefkada is suitable particularly for the ones who wish complete silence, as most of the towns are not fully functional when the touristic season ends. Moreover, be mindful of the strong winds on the West Coast during winter. It makes it a bit difficult to enjoy outdoors or grow vegetables, unless you create special protected places on your property. 

For some, living remotely is not problematic, but for other, depening on the road-trip to Lefkada Town for groceries and shopping might be a bit of a switch-off. You will be able to shop small daily items, such as bread and bakery products and some items from a small store.


Lefkada East Coast on the other hand, presents more opportunities for all-year round living and for renting out during the touristic season as well. The summer winds make the area breezy in the summer and the landscape of the area protects this side of the Island from the cold winds of winter. 

The East coast of Lefkada is the most populated side of the island with organised family-friendly beaches, which brings along a longer season for renting out your property. 

Nidri, the most popular summer touristic destination on the island is just a 5 minute drive from the house. Living here the whole year gives you access to Nidri’s taverns, shops,  supermarkets, wineries and coffee-bars. Furthermore, Lefkada Town is a fully functional city and you just need about 20 minutes drive to get there.     

About us

who are we?

We are a couple who relocated to Lefkada almost 3 years ago as Lefkada was also our favourite holiday destination. We are in love with this island and with the laid-back lifestyle it offers. It’s the reason why this website exists … Because our purpose is to be living in … “A World Of Having Time” …

Enjoying the simple pleasures of everyday life on a Greek Island and documenting parts of it on our blog called simply … “Living on a Greek Island“. More about our projects here on the Island in the about us section of the website. 

Yamas! Hope you got something interesting out of reading this post 🙂 Maybe we’ll see you on the other side of city life :). 

Talk to owner: Sallie Hunter