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The property listed below was recently sold, but you can still have a look around.

Mediterranean design | 262 sqm house | 900 sqm plot | 4 bedrooms | 5 bathrooms

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Hi! All these travel bans made visiting properties for sale on the Greek Islands almost impossible.

When you’re planning to buy a house in Greece, you definitely need to see it and more importanly, feel the place to know if it’s the one for you.

By showing you this unique Mediterranean design property in such detail, I’m trying to make you feel you are actually here in Lefkada, viewing it in person.

Furthermore, an online video meeting and viewing via Zoom or WhatsApp can be arranged with the owner.

I live in Lefkada myself and I got to know this house really well. It’s such an amazing place to be! The owner is a good friend of mine and she asked me if I could help her with selling. More about me here.

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Views from the terrace on the first floor

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Summary (Long Story Short)

This Mediterranean design house in Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece is being sold directly by its owner. No middleman commissions involved.

South oriented, located in the middle of nature and surrounded by olive groves, the property features an infinity pool, large private parking for 6 cars and a garage.

With beautiful clear sea, mountain and valley views, the villa is located at the top of this quiet mountain village, in a place chosen by the present owner for the peaceful and natural environment.  

The efficient central heating system with radiators heats up the house during winter. During summer, the whole area is breezy due to the location’s microclimate and North-West winds used by windsurfers in Vasiliki Beach.

Other features include a fireplace for log burning, AC, fast speed WiFi, Satellite TV, solar water heating, septic tank. This Lefkada villa for sale is being sold furnished and equipped. 

The branding and online sales infrastructure for seasonal renting is already done and passed to the new owner should he/she wishes to pursue a business opportunity from this real estate investment in Lefkada.  

Sold by owner Tree Kewell

Lefakda South traditional villages
Mountain village in Lefkada South Greece

The property in numbers.

  • built in 2010, the 262 sqm villa sits on a 900 sqm plot.
  • the infinity pool measures 70 sqm and 1.8 m depth all over 
  • split on 3 levels, with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms
  • private parking for 6 cars
  • 1 outdoor toilet for the swimming pool
  • 1 storage space for pool items
  • 1 terrace with pergola (24 sqm), 1 roofed terrace
  • 1 garage/workshop

Photo: property exteriors

The Story.

Each house has a story. Stories are worth sharing. It’s human nature. 

This house is the beautiful and certainly… unexpected end of a 25 years and God knows how many miles sailing journey around the world

Mike and Theresa, a British couple, harboured one night in Lefkada waiting for a storm to pass. Next thing they know, a friend showed them a plot in an authentic mountain village in Lefkada. It was love at first sightFirst, they asked if they were welcomed in the village before buying the plot. Of course they were!

So they bought it and started planning and designing their dream house with a local Greek architect. 

As the sea has been their home for so long, they considered for the first time in years… they could feel home again, on land. And so they did. This finally felt like home.

They designed the villa as they imagined it with lots of unique Mediterranean design touches. They wanted lots of wood and stone, as well as tall ceilings and many windows

Theresa or Tree as all her friends call her, wishes now to move on to the next chapter in her life. She wants to sail some more and travel to all her friends around the world. She’s an adventurer and always surprising, so let’s see what’s her next move after selling her house 🙂  

Inspiring interview with Neil McRobert, an expat living in Lefkda, Greece for 34 years:

Meet Tree, the owner of this house in this interview.

Photo: details from the house

Property Layout

This Lefkada villa for sale can be accessed 2 ways

  • Through the ground floor parking, where you enter directly to the garden and swimming pool area. This is where you’ll find an independent ground floor apartment with one bedroom and bathroom, as well as an open-space living-dining-kitchen. It exits to the roofed terrace by the pool. Here, close to the swimming pool, there is a toilet & shower, a storage room and the stone barbecue
  • Through the first floor there is a main entrance to the main living area defined as an open space living-dining-kitchen, exiting to a large terrace. Two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms are at the same level.


The second floor is the tower bedroom and the last bathroom, with access from the living room stairs. 

Photo: main living area and terrace (first floor)

The kitchen

The main kitchen was custom made and features an island with plenty of storage space. There is a Stanley Cooker and a diswasher. People who have walked into this kitchen say it’s a proper chef space to manifest. I’ll just add this: It’s one of the best things about this house.  


Photo: kitchen (first floor)

Heating and Cooling Features

The position of the house makes hot summers enjoyable because of the “windsurfers” winds. There is a very pleasant breeze all summer long. Thus the owner only felt the need to install air conditioning in the bedrooms

The solar water heating system keeps costs at a minimum.

But this house is also very cosy during wintertime. It’s South Oriented and this means that you have sun almost all day long. You can even dine outside on the terrace in sunny winter days… 

Furthermore, there is an efficient central heating running on diesel that heats up all the house with radiators. Lastly, the open fireplace in the main living area is a wonderful addition, for a more natural kind of light and heat.


Photo: living room (first floor)

The bedrooms

A total of 4 bedrooms accommodate 8 adults. 

All of the bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms. The most impressive one is the tower bedroom, with access from the main livingroom stairs. Spacious and bright, it has 3 windows with beautiful views of the surroundings.


Photo: tower bedroom

2 other bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms are located on the first level, in the same main living area with the kitchen-dining-living open space. 

Photo: 2 bedrooms & en suite bathrooms (first floor)

The 4th bedroom is within the independent apartment on the ground floor, next to the pool. This area contains an open space living-kitchen-dining, 1 bedroom and one bathroom with a bathtub.

It opens up to the roofed ground floor terrace by the pool, an ideal place to spend hot summer days.


Photo: independent apartment (ground floor)

The exact location of the property in Lefkada.

The location is now hidden due to the pending sale.


“I chose this village as my nest, as I felt a part of it from the moment I arrived here and was so warmly greeted by the people here. The mountain behind felt like our own protective wall, courtesy of Mother Nature. The wide sea and valley view to the front sets the scene for a feeling of quiet peace and ample freedom.”

Tree Kewell, Owner

A Few Things about the village where the property is located.

A small mountain village in the South side of Lefkada, where live goes by in slow-mo compared to city life. You will not find a lot about this place on Google, so I added some of my own photos from the summer we have spent here.

The local tavern is the place where locals and tourists get together to dine or have coffees or drinks. It is known throughout the island for the fresh local produce from the family’s farm

It’s common for people to order meat for home, as the local tavern usually serves as the village butchery in smaller villages of Greece. The tavern is opened all year round and they also make delivery to your home. If you order in advance you can get delicious Greek dishes like Pastitio or Mousaka delivered to the house.

There is a little cafe-store for basic day to day shopping, where you can also buy fresh eggs, olive oil and veggies from the village. 

A few things about Sivros | One of the all year round active villages around.

Sivros is one of the most active villages on the island during winters. Unlike many other villages in Lefkada that feel rather abandoned when no tourists are around, Sivros has 6-7 coffee bars and tavernas that stay opened all year long. 

Sivros also has the local post office, which is in the same spot as the local mini-market with a little more variety than the one of Vournikas. 

People of Sivros are used to foreigners around and they love it whenever new people come and enjoy their local wines, olive oil, honey, vegetables and meat. 

Distances from the house

Distances to Other Towns in Lefkada and to the Airport

If you hate hopping on and off the ferry, Lefkada might just be the place for you.

Lefkada It is connected to the mainland via a floating bridge with easy and free access by car

Aktion International Airport (PVK) as you go to Preveza is less than an hour drive away from the property.

Lefkada Town, the capital of Lefkada Island is just a 35-40 minutes car ride from the house. Even in high season, the timing is about the same. This island never gets too crowded. 

One funny thing, you will never have to see a stoplight again if you’re going to live in Lefkada. Traffic is smooth and even more than that, driving around the island is a pleasure, with the sea views on one side and mountain views on the other side… 

The house is equally distanced to Nidri, Sivota and Vasiliki – about 15 minutes by car.


Distances to the Beaches

I could talk for hours about the beaches of Lefkada… To me they are the most beautiful beaches on the West coast of Greece. That’s one of the reasons I chose to relocate in Lefkada, despite travelling to many other islands in Greece.

Just to name a few beaches on the East or South Lefkada that you can get to in a 15-20 minute drive from the house: Agiofili, Vasiliki, Desimi, Mikros Gialos, Afteli, Ammousa, Nidri. 

The beaches above are all organised beaches with sunbeds and all that jazz. The water is shallow and usually calm, appropriate for families. All of them have some sort of beach bar or taverna.

The most spectacular beaches on Lefkada Island though, are the ones on the West Coast. Driving to Lefkada’s West Coast Beaches is a spectacle in itself, as you see more of Lefkada’s evergreen mountains and abundant flora. 

Here are some of them the West Coast Beaches of Lefkada you can drive to in about 30 – 50 minutes from the house: Porto Katsiki, Egremni (can now be accessed by foot, as the new stairs are ready), Kathisma, Gialos, Avali, Pefkoulia.  

At the entrace of Lefkada you will find this little old church that seems to be almost floating on the Ionian Sea. I like to call it The Sanctuary. Also, another interesting beach is what I like to call The Small Lagoon. You will find it just before crossing the floating bridge of Lefkada.


If it's not your permanent residence, you can rent it for the season.

All necessary steps have already been done for you in case you wish to buy a property in Greece that is also a business investment with a significant yearly revenue from renting. 

The touristic license for this villa has been obtained for seasonal renting in Lefkada. 

This boutique villa in Lefkada has its own website and it is present on the most relevant booking platforms until it is being sold. 

The property has its own brand and the whole infrastructure for renting it from April or May until late October. 

You can manage it yourself or you can use the existing team which is doing all the job for you.

Annual Weather in Lefkada. Lefkada climate.

As you probably already know, summers in Lefkada are hot. But not as hot as you might think. There are several types of winds that take make this island special and summers become pleasant.

The best weather is during spring and autumn. During daytime around 22 degrees C, during nighttime 10-12 degrees C. 

Depending on where you’re from and what temperatures you are used to, swimming in the sea can start somewhere in April- May and can last till late November. 

Winters are mild with rainy days, as well as a lot of sunny days. Lefkada temperatures during winters are somewhere between 10 to 20 degrees C during daytime. In the sun, add another 7 degrees C or so. Nighttime temperatures in Lefkas rarely drop below 5 degrees C during winter. It almost never freezes or snows. 

Lefkada is also known as the Evergreen Island. Nature here is so abundant, so green, so much in bloom… that it can be overwhelming. Springs here are really something. And so are the sunsets. And this house has some awesome sunset views 🙂 

Why am I Telling You All This? My Story.

Because I know how Living in Greece and especially Living on a Greek Island is becoming more and more interesting for people living their lives under stress, pressure and concrete. 

We made the move about 2 years ago and we couldn’t be happier about it! We chose Lefkada. For so many reasons. You can follow our day-to-day stories and discoveries on our Facebook Page or Instagram @livingonagreekisland.  

Or if you like getting into details you can read our whole story here in this blog post.

In the last 2 years, we’ve met some very nice people around, including some other expats living on a Greek Island.

One day we were invited to a Christmas party at Tree’s house. We barely knew anybody, so she introduced us to all her friends. We instantly understood she was the heart and soul of the British Ex-pat community on the island. She was always throwing parties and musical events with her friends on the island, at her house.

We were welcomed into their community with opened arms, sharing life stories and talking about the choice of living an expat life in Lefkada and about island life in general. 

We became close friends. She even hosted us at one of her smaller houses for a whole summer. At some point, she told out that she would like to retire and sell the villa and maybe live in a smaller place.

As we personally know the house, I said “I think we might be able to help her with that.”

We are extremely passionate about photography, videography and storytelling. I said “Your place is so great that it needs to find a great new owner! Tree, let’s present your house in the best way we can think of. It’s such a special place that it deserves a special presentation”. She loved the idea. Hence the very detailed photoshoot and large quantity information. 

I’m showing you guys this amazing place, as I personally got to know it. Also, I am showcasing this property as I would like to see one, if I had half a million in my bank account. But that’s not the case 🙂 

Cheers! In case you made it till the end 🙂 

Now that you know so many things about this villa for sale in Lefkada, you can call the owner 🙂 

Ok, you've seen the property. Now if you'd like to meet the owner, Tree Kewell, watch this interview, where she talks about living in Greece full time as an ex-pat.

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