Lefkada, a shipwreck and an unusual Monday (foto/video)

Something intriguing is happening in Lefkada. A shipwreck from Tunisia was found on one of the beautiful beaches of Lefkada. We went and shot Lefkada's shipwreck and wanted to share the photos & videos we took.

A shipwreck in Lefkada?

Yes and we took some cool photos of it. So, it’s not only Zakynthos that has its shipwreck. Lefkada has a shipwreck, too?

We now call Lefkada our home sweet home. Every morning, together with our coffee, we read the local press online. 

Nothing really notable is happening on our island during winter. And we love that. Reading cluttered press with insignificant bullshit is something we stopped doing a long time ago. Lefkada’s Press is sensible, written responsably and with common sense, and is never based on scandalous news, or too much drama. It’s mostly facts, ideas for making this island better, or old island stories about how life used to be in the old days of Lefkada, before tourism caught it in its tempting claws.

2 days ago, a press article caught our eyes: a fishing boat was beached on one of our favourite beaches on the island – Gaidaros Beach (to the left side of Kathisma Beach). A beautiful “parking” spot 🙂 We immediately became interested in the subject. Something intriguing was happening 🙂 

First, the video | Lefkada Shipwreck

To introduce you to the vibes we felt this morning, you need to watch our video till the end. Of course, if you like it subscribe to our channel. More like this to come.

So...Lefkada has a shipwreck, too?

Is Lefkada about to become the second “lucky” island after Zakynthos’ success on tourism with the shipwreck from Navaggio? Hmmm… 

The boat did not look like being from around these places and the Arabic writings made the authorities think it originates from Tunisia. “Just” 500 nautical miles away from Lefkada and a few weeks drifting on a windy and nervous sea for a (probably) 50-year-old boat??!! 

Our curiosity drove us there early this morning (9.30). We boarded the car with all our photo/video equipment and headed to the West coast of the island, a little worried about the light rain that would have upset our plans a bit. 

shipwreck tunisian boat lefkada island

living on a greek island | blog

Life just got better.

Watch the latest video from Greece:

The Helenic Coast Guard paid a visit, too

On the way, we realized we were kinda living on a deserted island. No cars, no people, just some goats. A completely different Lefkada than the one everyone knows in summer. But that’s how we like it. 

At the shipwreck, however, we were no longer alone. Other photographers were there. A bit later, other guests: the Hellenic Coast Guard. Tough job of trying to get a look inside and investigate if there’s anything that could pin-point its origins and purpose.

hellenic coast guard at lefkada shipwreck

Tough job.

The waves were still quite strong after the storms of the previous days, so the task of reaching the deck of the ship was quite difficult. They asked if they could see the boat from the drone. They also asked us to send them the pictures. And of course, we said: “Happily”. 


Is it a fishing boat? A migrant boat? "Who knows?"

They seem to be looking for something. We dared to ask, “Migrants?” The answer was something like … “Maybe, who knows?” OK, but the rope hanging on the edge of the boat suggested that someone had climbed down from it. 

Our feeling is that it is a fishing boat. The rubber yellow boots and the fishing nets. Could be wrong though. Who knows?…


What are the writings on the shipwreck about? They seem to be Arabic.

They are most likely Arabic letters, also used in Farsi and Urdu. This one seems to translate as:

In the name of God
I put my faith in God


How about these white writings?

This could be the name of the ship. Something like “Alaa” There might be a last letter to the name which we’re unsure of. The name of the boat seems to be followed by the number 552 and 2 Arabic letters, likely the boat registration number.

arabic boat registration number beached in Lefkada

Hope everyone is safe.

Maybe the fishermen who were caught in the storm at sea and managed to escape on another boat. Or maybe even some poor people who paid their fortunes to escape from a country where life is let’s put it “not easy” … just like that … “Who knows….” Not today, but we will probably find out soon. Hope they are safe!

Where is it exactly? Lefakda's shipwreck on the map.

There are two ways of arriving to the shipwreck on the West coast of Lefkada. One is to go to Kathisma Beach. Look straight at the sea. Then walk to the left side of the beach (for about 10 minutes). The other option is to go towards Avali Beach, and turn right to Gaidaros Beach. You will see it at the end of Gaidaros Beach. There is a road that follows the sea, but it’s best to leave the car when you find a parking spot and walk. Not too many parking places around during summer, so if you’re here in July or August, it’s best to take the Kathisma route.

More pics from the shipwreck? Loads. Below.

You’re free to use them but please mention the author (still us, but with our Lefkada Photography account, HelloFromParadise:
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Even more photos? We've got 50 more. This time NOT by drone.

We posted a new set of 50 photos with the shipwreck in this blog post. More details, more closeups, more points of views. 

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