Lefkada Street Market. Fresh. Fresh. Fresh.

Lefkada weekly street market organised by the Municipality. The place to buy extra fresh, cheap seasonal vegetables and fruits. Thoughts and photos after 3 years of living in Lefkada.
lefkada municipality market

If it's Saturday, it's Lefkada Street Market Day. And a fresh start of the weekend.

We moved to Lefkada 3 years ago. One of the habbits that we’re stuck with, is going to the local street market in Lefkada Town, each Saturday morning. This market with local products is organised by Lefkada’s Municipality, on a weekly basis. It happens outdoors, on the street opposite to the main entrance of Lefkas Marina.

The name of the street where the outdoor market takes place is A. Katopodi Street (scroll for map) and it’s blocked for car traffic for a few hours, while the stalls are there. There is free parking at the intersection of the main street and A. Katopodi St. (opossite to Lefkada Marina entrance). 

It’s only one day per week, so we organise our schedule around it, and make sure we don’t miss it. It starts early in the morning, at around 7AM and the products are all gone at around 1-2 PM. 

Over the last 3 years, we met these people, tested all there is to try at the market, took photos and realised how important it became for our daily lives, here on the island.

3 years of shopping at the local street market. Our thoughts in a short video:

The street market & the Pandemic

This Pandemic is a lot of things. One thing that we feel that it is for us… a tool that brought some things a few steps higher, and some other things lower. What I mean is that some things gained a lot more importance into our day-to-day life, and others lost some of the fame.

Some of the simplest things in life… like eating fresh homemade food, became much more relevant than things that were considered important… before the Pandemic.  

One of those things for us is going to the weekly street market in Lefkada and stacking the house with fresh veggies and fruits from Lefkada and the surroundings. Going to Lefkada’s street market has become so much more important than many other things in our lives. 

Here at the Saturday street market in Lefkas, there are multiple stalls with fruits, veggies, olive oil, eggs, grains and local wine. You’ll only find the seasonal vegetables and fruits. So, we get whatever is in season. We very much like that. Not to mention the cheap prices. 

As for the costs... It's cheap. Really cheap.

The prices are generally lower than at the supermarket. Hope we’ll do a “Costs of Living in Greece” material at some point. We spend around 30 euros weekly and fill up the car with vegetables and fruits to last us two for a week. Usually, all products are somewhere between 0.5 and 5 EURO per kilo. The prices always depend on the seasonality of the products.

Where is Lefkada street market on the map?

We’ve been confused too, so here’s what we know. Lefkada outdoor market takes place each Saturday, starting earlier than 8 in the morning. Don’t really know how much earlier because we never went before 8. Might be 7?  Anyhow, it lasts till about 1-2 PM, but if you want the fresh stuff, go early in the morning (8 – 11 AM) while the stalls are still full and you have plenty to choose from. Here’s where Lefkada Town street market takes place. The address is A. Katopodi, Lefkada, 31100. 

Citrus fruits are not missing from our home, all winter long.

Pandemic and all that it brought made the general state of mind concentrate to the lower part of the energy bottle. We felt the need, more than ever, to eat fresh. Fresh veggies and fruits from the Greeks. Lots of fruits. We’ve never drank so much fresh orange/grapefruite/lemon juice than these years. 

And no, we don’t think it’s protecting us from Covid 🙂 But at least it keeps our bellies happy. Helping out a little bit the low-energy part of this creepy Pandemic.

Grab the bags. Grab the cash. It's Saturday. We call this Saturday Morning Fever 🙂

We almost go to Lefkada’s local market as it were our own garden, to check out how each veggie is doing. We feel awkardly close to this place. Always so warmly greeted by its people. One day, they kindly allowed us to take a few pictures. 

Maybe for some of you… they will make you rewind a few memories from childhood. For others it could just be something completely outdated. A friend from Houston, USA told me that such a thing as a local outdoor market doesn’t even exist anymore in her city. It saddnes me… A lot. 

I’m happy I’ve got this market locally here, in Lefkada Island, Greece, but it makes me wonder… “For how long?” 

I hope that, at least in Greece, weekly local markets and local shops are here to stay, and that Greeks will resist as much as they can to this incredibly fast and ugly “Westernizing”.

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Do you still have a local market where you live now?

We’d love to find our more about the situation of local outdoor markets in the world. Drop us a line if you feel comfortable with sharing what’s going on in your neighbourhood. Cheers people! 🙂 

Local Outdoor Street Weekly Saturday Market in Lefkada
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