A professional photoshoot of your property for sale or rent is great. But a property video is even better.

real estate video production in lefkada, ionian islands, greece

When renting or selling your property in Lefkada, a professional photoshoot is a must-have in order to get closer to the maximum potential earnings. You can get away with just some good pictures and a good marketing strategy. We do all that also. 

But when you add a property video to all your marketing efforts, you’ll see something very interesting happening. Real estate video production gets the real estate game to a whole new level.

You’ll start getting enquiries from people viewing your property video on Youtube. Your villa, house or boat will appear higher in results just because you made a video. You see… Youtube belongs to Google. It’s in their own interest to reveal videos when they are relevant to people searching for houses to rent in Lefkada or properties for sale in Lefkada.

We produced real estate videos in Spain and Greece and the results were much more than the owners ever expected. They rented out their property succesfully to people just watching the Youtube videos we made for them. They sold their properties much faster than their friends with the help of our property video productions in Lefkada, Greece.     

Here is a video we made for helping the owner sell this luxury stone villa in Lefkada. Sold, 6 months later.

The video above was made for selling this property. We positioned ourselves in the potential buyer’s shoes and asked ourselves what would be important to know before coming to view it in person. 

We set the key selling points, we talked to the owner and found out the story of this house, we chose a song that would feel right for this specific property and we added a voiceover that would carry the viewers mentally… here in Lefkada.

Graphic elements were added to offer relevant punctual information to the visuals. 

Many enquiries came following this video. The property was sold 6 months after listing it. As we managed the whole marketing for this house, we created this property webpage for the sale. You’ll also find there a video interview we made with the owner, talking about life in Greece as an expat.

Here's the same villa, this time in a video made out of pictures.

Sometimes, we do this. We have the photos from the photoshoot, so why not make a second video for Youtube? Adding a second video on Youtube doubles the chances of being noticed on Google.

Here's another one. A villa with sea view for sale in Lefkada.

The owner of the property wished for a video made out of pictures. We decided to approach it in our own manner, from the point of view of the photographer. It still underlines the key selling points and it also carries the viewers as close as they could get to the property, from a distance.

This villa is getting a nice feedback from potential buyers and we’re pretty sure it will be soon quite soon. See the property page we created for the sale to understand how we positioned this villa on the Lefkada real estate market.

Another video. Another sale. This time in Costa Blanca, Spain.

We didn’t have a drone back then 🙂 But we think we managed to help the potential buyers understand the property well and give them a sneak peak on the surroundings. 

You see… a property video has 10 times the power of a property photoshoot. And the best thing about it is that the costs are 2-3 times more than a real estate professional photoshoot. It’s one of the best things you can do to get faster and better results when selling your property.   

Property videos are not just awesome for selling. They bring amazing results for renting a property, too.

Videos are so much more appealing than photos for people looking for holiday homes in Greece or Spain. They understand so much better how the spaces work together, they see more of the surroundings and they get more information than from a simple photoshoot. 

That’s why we made videos for all properties we marketed for renting in Spain and Greece. Here’s one video from a villa for holiday rent on the Costa Blanca, Spain.

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Like our videos? Need a property video for rent or sale in or around Lefkada, Greece?

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