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Trying to sell property in Greece seems to take forever for some owners. We wanted to understand why.

When we heard owners talking about how long it takes to sell a villa or a plot in Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece, we were intrigued. They were saying it takes several years to sell a property in Lefkada. Ok, please go on. We wanted to hear the whole story and understand what’s going on and if there’s somehting we can help these owners with.

Everyone trying to sell property in Lefkada seems to have accepted that “Greece was a slow real estate market“. Whenever we hear statements like this one, we feel we need to double check the accuracy and get a reality check for ourselves.

So we did. We presented a villa for sale in the online world in our own way. We created the listing as we had wished to see one, if we were scouting for a property in Lefkada ourselves. This is how we did it. It was sold in less than 6 months. 

First reality check proved us that the real estate market in Greece is definitely not slow, if you approach it with careful consideration to the buyer’s needs.

Following this fast sale, we took on a second villa for sale. This one is still available, as it has been listed recently, but the interest this villa had so far, tells us it’s going to find the right buyer very soon. 

During the last year, we discovered there’s nothing wrong with the real estate market in Lefkada, or in the Ionian Islands, or in Greece. On the contrary, real estate market in Greece is a dynamic one, and it’s becoming more and more attractive for real both European and non-European real estate buyers. 

Smaller or larger real estate agencies selling homes and plots in Lefkada have a growing number of properties on the market and new enquiries keep coming each day. Besides finding a buyer, these real estate companies are taking care of all the paperwork for both owner and buyer, so they are quite busy.

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So why does it take YEARS for a villa in Lefkada to find a buyer? Our findings.

We talked to the owners of Lefkada properties and identified the most common causes of a slow sale. The people we talked with have had their property on the Lefkada real estate market for years. We’re talking about great villas, quality built and in good locations.

We leave you with our conclusions from what we’ve learned so far. It’s steps you can easily take, if you’re trying to sell property on your own, and even if you work with a realtor in Lefkada. It’s just some things you can do to speed up the sale process and not have to wait for years and years. We can also help you with marketing your property as an owner, with our own unique approach, to save even more time and sell it as soon as possible. Keep on reading if it sounds good so far.

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the property looks and feels messy

This is the only thing an owner is actually responsible for. When you’re showing the villa to Lefkas real esate agents or to a potential client, we strongly recommend it to be clean, decluettered and with a nice, neutral, or just airy scent. If we’re talking about selling a plot, the same ideology applies. It needs to be cleaned and free of greenery so that people can understand the landscape easily, without having to imagine it.

When you show it to a Lefkada real estate agent for the first time and ask him to market your property, chances are he’ll take photos with the mobile phone, right there and then (no matter how your house looks like). The number of real estate agents sellling property in Lefkas is limited and they need to handle hundreds of properties, and don’t have so much time to spend for each property. 

On the same line, the villa needs to look and feel perfect when show it to a buyer as well. You need to help them out a bit, by showing them a clean and nice smelling house, with a beautifully maintained garden. It’s hard for people to walk into a messy place and imagine it otherwise. 

Only by doing your part by keeping the property clean for all type of viewings (online and offline), your chances for selling your Lefkada plot or villa faster, increase by a lot. 

If you are not living here in Lefkada permanently, it’s a good idea to leave someone in charge, to make sure the house you’re trying to sell looks and feels appealing to potential buyers.

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Ahh… photography. We’re a bit biased on this one, because one of our passions is photography. But really, anyone can feel the difference between mobile phone images and professional photography. 

Did you at any point feel that some real estate photos you browsed while searching for a property, they… almost… “hurt your eyes”? Not to mention they make you skip that property immediately and look for one with more, better and clearer photos?

Sure, mobile phone photos are easy to take, fast and free. Which is great. For photos of daily moments you wish to have as lifetime memories. For real estate, mobile photography is the last thing you want to do, if you need or want to sell your property in a decent amount of time. We dare considering that somewhere… less than a year should be a decent amount of time for selling Lefkada property.

In some rare cases, the estate is so awesome, so unique, that it doesn’t even matter what kind of photography goes along with the listing. Yet, most houses and villas are sold much faster with a proper real estate professional photoshoot. 

We provide our photography services for the owner who wish to sell direct, if you’re interested in what we do in terms of real estate photography visit our portofolio.

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Unfortunately most properties for sale in Lefkada, Corfu, Zakynthos, Kefalonia and all in the Ionian Islands, or in any Greek Islands have little or no information attached to the listing. 

If you take the time and create an accurate description, with all the info the buyer could possibly need before getting in touch, you save so much time with back and forth communication, just by answering possible questions in the peroperty description. Additionaly, chances of finding the right buyer looking for specific facilities in a home, increase rapidly.   

When we take on a villa for sale by owner, the first thing we do after viewing the property, is ask for all the possible information from its owner. We also need to hear the story of the house, as some people might relate to it, or might have a connection of a sort with a similar story, in their own lives.

Following this discussion and the photo shoot or video shoot, we create a unique webpage like this one, where all potential buyers will be directed to. This way, we save time for both owners and buyers, with most possible questions already answered, and we also eliminate some viewings that are just a waste of everyone’s time. 

One of the reasons we did this, is that owners were complaining about lots of viewings with people showing up knowing nothing about the property. Our logic is: make the viewings only with people who are still intersted after reading the complete description, so they come with the right expectations. 

We like being honest in our descriptions. We like telling people about the reality of living there. And we like showing the things that are usually hidden from listed properties for sale.

Visit this webpage we created for our latest villa for sale to understand exactly what we mean by an accurate, clear and complex description. 


Here's an interesting property video we did a while ago:

little or no info on the surroundings

People searching for property on a Greek Island, such of Lefkada, Corfu or Zakynthos, Kefalonia or Crete don’t know much about the surroundings, as most of them never lived here before. It’s one thing to come and spend some time on a holiday and a totally different thing when living here. 

With all the properties we work with, we show the neighbourhood, we talk about climate and microclimates, and add information about the distances to important places such as beaches, towns and airports.

On this property page we created, we included all the necessary details related to the property, including neighbourhood, climate, location advantages and amentities.

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as a result, a slow sale with very little interest from buyers

Yet another issue owners trying to sell their villas for years: “I am getting lots of viewings, but no serious buyers. Also, we have no feedback. We don’t know why these people coming and viewing are not choosing our villa and why they don’t ask any questions. If we knew what’s wrong with it, maybe there would be something we could do about it.

What we did is look at this matter from an owner’s perspective as well. Thus, the way we do the marketing for the properties, puts the buyer in direct contact with the owner. Naturally, only when the owner wishes to. If he/she is not living permanently here in Lefkada, he may want to answer to the online enquiries and have us, or someone else on the island make the viewings for him/her. 

We feel the owner should know about all the enquries, viewings and get all the feedback from each enquiry or viewing. Nevertheless, if the owner wants to stay away from all the back and forth communication with potential buyers, we can be the ones answering all enquiries.

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What's happening when you work with us for selling your Lefkada villa?

After we’ve listed your property on our own website, Youtube and other relevant online real estate websites in Greece (such as or for example) and sometimes international ones, you lay back and start receiving enquiries. From our previous experience in Spain and Greece, it shouldn’t take more than 6-12 months for your villa, plot or yacht to find a buyer.

For us, each client is unique, each property is unique. None of our real estate marketing  strategy is identical to another, when it comes to property marketing. We approach each property in a unique manner, but we gave you some of our guidelines and real estate marketing philosophy we built for oureselves. 

If all this real estate talk makes sense to you too, and if we’re kind of on the same page when it comes to selling a property in Lefkada, say “Hello” and we go from there. No matter the direction you’ll choose to sell your place, we wish you good luck, health and happy moments! 

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Explore our property photography

View our real estate photography that helped owners rent or sell their properties successfully. 

Explore our property videos

View our real estate videos that helped owners rent or sell their Lefkada properties successfully. 

frequently asked questions (by owners)

I live in Lefkada, can I do the viewings myself?

Of course you can. It’s even better than having someone else do the viewings. We think you’re the best person to show people around your house, and tell them all there is to know about the property and surroundings.

I don't live permanently Lefkada, who will do be doing the viewings?

We can do the live viewings for you, and we can also do online viewings for people who cannot travel yet, or wish to see the property via video call, before travelling to Lefkada.

I have missing papers needed for the transfer of ownership.

Please take the necessary steps with a help of a lawyer, notary or construction engineer to make sure all papers are in order to sell. We don’t wish to surprise the buyer with missing documents at the moment of sale.

Do you take care of the transfer paperwork?

No, we leave that to the notary, lawyer (solicitor) and construction engineers. Both the seller and the buyer should hire their own lawyer to handle the transaction for them. We may recommend some good ones, in case needed.

This is where working with a real estate company with local offices and agents in Lefkas comes in handy. They deal with all the paperwork too. We don’t. But we do all that property marketing that no one else does.

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