You're awesome and you know it.

lefkada photoshoot at the beach

There’s absolutely no reason for you not to get a personal photoshoot at Lefkada’s beaches. I don’t wanna hear that you’re not a model or that you’re not pretty enough for a real photoshoot at the beach. You have no idea how pretty you really are. Got that? Okay. 

You‘re awesome. But you already know that. 

Lefkada Island has some of the most outrageously good looking beaches in Greece. We both know that. 

We have a camera, a drone and great passion for photography. 

A natural conclusion: Let us make you an awesome Lefkada beaches photoshoot for your most awesome self. You in? 

I know, it might sound a bit crazy and narcisistic. But who gives a damn? Stick with me, I’ll show you something.

lefkada photographer for beach photoshoot

Awesome photoshoot at the beach? In Lefkada, Greece? Hell, yeah!

Here are some of our photoshoots we made with regular humans like me and you. It all happened in Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece. Lefkada beaches were our playground.

I bet you aready know some of these beaches that we used for our photoshoots (Kathisma, Megali Petra, Porto Katsiki, Gialos Beach, Egremni). 

If we’re thinking about the same thing… that is … One big fat Lefkada photoshoot at the beach… We’re a match. Scroll down for our beach photoshoot portfolio so far. 

photographers in lefkada for photoshoot at the beach

Come on. Sneak peak at some of our beach photoshoots. Get an idea.

We often have friends over, especially during summer. Inevitably, they become our models. We go out and spend time at the beach anyhow, so why not take the camera with us? We played around and here’s what we got so far.

If you want us to make such a photoshoot for you, reach out. We think it’d be fun!

photographers for personal photoshoot at lefkada's beaches | portfolio

The guys behind the camera

Hi stranger! We’re the couple behind “Living on a Greek Island” and “HelloFromParadise” projects. Photographers and video creators based in Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece. Our entire photo-video portofolio right here.

Bringing little joy to other people’s lives is our great pleasures. One of our ways of making this happen seems to be through our photoshoots. Because we just love that moment after we’d send the final pictures to someone who entrusted us with a personal photoshoot at Lefkada’s beaches. 

Reactions like: “Is this really me?”; “I can’t believe this is me!”; “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”; “OMG. Should I use them for my Tinder?.” … made us realise that we can put a little sprinkle of joy on anyone who likes what we do.   

Turns out a Lefkada photoshoot at the beach can serve many purposes and can also help boost self-confidence. 

Use the photos for whatever you like

“What is Tinder, by the way?” I asked (being in a relationship for almost 10 years, guess I’m out of the dating market). After I found out, I realised that … yeah … some these photos on the beach can be used as images for newcomers to someone’s Tinder profile. 

But that was not our main goal. Our main goal was to offer a visual memory with this Lefkada photoshoot at the beach. The kind of memory you’d be delighted to share with your children and grandchildren… many years from now. You be like: “And here I was in my 20’s…, Oh, how I loved that dress…”

Clearly, these photos are great for social media like Facebook and Instsagram nowadays, but wouldn’t it be awesome to have them printed in a book of photos? We can do that if you believe it’s cool, too.

But why stop here, we can print you out in full size canvas. Take that as a memory to display in your home.

Tell me you're not getting excited to come faster in Lefkada right now.

lefkada photoshoot at the beach.
more examples from our photo sessions.

You don't need to be a model to get a photoshoot.

It’s not about being beautiful. It’s about feeling beautiful and being yourself. When you feel and act beautiful, you become a beautiful human being. Inside-out. 

We all look at photos of models and go: “Yeah, of course, she/he looks good. Being a model and everything.” But what the heck, you’re beautiful too! Oh, you have no idea, do you?

How does a photoshoot work?

Really simple. You tell us what you want and what for. This way we can think of some beach locations in Lefkada that could be good for your photoshoot’s purpose. 

You might want to print the photos in a photoalbum or photobook. You might need the photos for your dating apps or social media. You might want a printed canvas to put in your house. Or you might just make it to see what it’s like feeling like a model for a day.

We’ll have a chat about the clothes you’d want to bring along. It’s best if we have multiple beachwear to choose from. If it’s a windy day, imagine how good you’d look in something voluminous and wavy that goes with the wind.  

We’ll probably spend together a few good hours or maybe even more. We might go for sunshine or sundown. It all depends. No photoshoot is the same with another. 

It all goes down to you feeling comfortable. Don’t pose. Don’t look at the camera. Just play around and enjoy the moment. Ignore us completely. It’s much better like this. We get to catch that natural smile of yours. A good Lefkada photoshoot at the beach deserves that charming smile of yours.

Show me your supermodel powers you never knew you had!

Ready for your own lefkada beaches photoshoot?

Ready to book your own photoshoot in Lefkada?

Ok, let’s schedulet that Lefkada beaches photoshoot of yours. We’re around. Just drops us a sign, say hello and we go from there. Please reserve your photoshoot with some time in advance. Who knows what this summer is going to bring? We’re expecting lots of people visiting Lefkada this year (again). Till we meet again… yamas!

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