Why is your Lefkada holiday rental not working? And how can we fix it.

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It's not only about a having a good Lefkada property management agency. Read on.

Lefkada holiday rentals work excellent, if marketed boldly. We talked to the owners of holiday villas in Lefkada and found out why they aren’t renting out successfully. We completely changed their renting game with our bold online property marketing strategies for Lefkada holiday luxury villas and houses. Welcome to The World Of Happy Holiday Rental Owners. Such a place does exist 😊. 

Keep on reading. You’ll quickly understand our unique approach for online property management and sales for Lefkada holiday villas, and how can you work with us and become a proud, successful and happy owner.

We’re not a conventional property management agency in Lefkas. We’re not a holiday rental agency in Lefkada. We don’t have an office. We’re freelancers and work from home. That’s part of our “Living in a World of Having Time” philosophy and one of the many reasons we moved to Lefkada. 

We’re online Marketing Savvy in the digital world of holiday renting and real estate. Property photographers & property video creators as well. Unconventional. Bold. And usually, totally out of the line.

The results we had so far encouraged us to take on a few more villas and help their owners thrive. All owners who worked with us for renting their villas or houses in Spain and Greece are happy owners. Furthermore, their visitors are happy visitors. This is our goal: happy holiday renting for all parties involved.

We need to talk. About happy holiday renting vs. shabby holiday renting. About bold online property marketing in Lefkas. About good property management vs. bad property management.

Grab something to drink and if you feel we’re on the same page at any point, feel free to have a chat with us.

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Lefkada holiday renting is really easy. But... is it??!?

Holiday renting is easy now. We have the internet that does it all for us. Especially in places like Greece. Everyone loves Greece 💙. It’s top of mind when it comes to holidays for most Europeans. 

Yes, you can do the online marketing for your holiday rental in Lefkada all by yourself. If you could only understand how it all works together. Google, Google Ads, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Booking.com, Airbnb, Vrbo, Tripadvisor, a webpage for direct bookings, Google MyBusiness, Lefkada Rentals, Facebook Groups for direct enquiries, and so on… 

Do you really need all these to get a nice extra income from holiday rentals in Lefkada, and have a successful online property managament & marketing? Short answer, yes.

Can you put it all together by yourself and get more than mediocre results? Short answer… probably not. Unless you’re a connected internet nerd with an appetite for online marketing, and thirsty for successful business strategies in the world of holiday rentals.

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luxury villas property managament companies lefkas

Today's internet dilemma: the SIMPLER it is, the more COMPLICATED it gets.

We live in a world where the internet is supposed to make life easier. Sure, in the case of online holiday renting, things are simple. Always for the client. On the other hand, the booking platforms tend to overcomplicate everything for the owners. 

Online property management for booking platforms such as Airbnb or Booking.com tend to annoy the owners so much, to the point that they abandon the idea of renting their Lefakda property completely, or they just give out their properties to the property rental companies and expect miracles to happen overnight.

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so where's the problem?

About mediocre results. Where did it all go wrong? We talked to the owners.

All of the owners who chose us to rent their villas were unhappy with their previous renting experience. Some of them almost abandoned the idea completely. We were looking at their properties and couldn’t believe how such beautiful properties could have failed as holiday rentals. We were puzzled. We needed to dig deeper and find out what was causing failure. 

Thus, we talked with owners from both Spain and Greece. The holiday renting climate  is slightly different as Spain has a longer season, and also winter rentals work great there. But all in all, guests are looking for the same thing in the Med: a place under the sun, close to the sea. 

Here’s what they told us…

They were upset with the quality of the tourists and the damages they left behind. They were complaining about the low income they received from holiday renting. They had issues with talking to someone from the holiday rental agency or property management company, as they handled too many properties, and had too little time to assign for each holiday rentalThey were dissatisfied with the cleaning, the poor reviews, and the insufficient online exposure and overall presentation. Terrible photography, weak descriptions, poor pricing strategy.


That’s a lot. Of course it doesn’t work ok. We could see where all of those issues could come from. We thought if there’s one thing that could solve all of those problems, that would be TIME


airbnb rental business lefkada
airbnb rental business lefkada

All you need is TIME.

Yes, TIME.

First, TIME to think. This is where most people fail, but if you take your time, ask yourself all the right questions and identify all the problems, you might just find some creative ways to solve each matter, one at a TIME. 

This is what we do. After answering all of those questions, we go back to the drawing board and analyse the REAL potential for each property. Later on we develop a strategy suited for that specific villa, depending on what makes it unique and who are the people that would be the best clients. And finally, we position the property on the online holiday rental Lefkada market and stimulate those enquiries.

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lefkada holiday rentals market

OK. What if we start all over again with your property in Lefkada? This time the right way. Sounds good?

From our experience, we believe there is no way to fix the reputation of a holiday home after it’s been badly damaged. We need to start from scratch, only this time we’ll carefully aproach the property in such a way, so it thrives and makes its owner happy. 

We take care of everything it takes to get your property out there on the internet. For both direct bookings and booking platforms bookings. We bring you the guests. This is what we do. 

What we don’t regularly do is check-ins, cleaning and property management. Nevertheless, we can recommend some trusted persons for these jobs, if your property is in Lefkada. So, yes, it’s possible for us to take on property management as well, but we will cover this with third parties that we’ll manage ourselves, to make sure everything runs smoothly. We say this is optional because some owners prefer to do the check-ins themselves, and already have someone for cleaning and maintanance.   

The following steps apply to both existing holiday rentals in Lefkada, Greece, and to the new properties, never listed before on the internet. It’s what we do for each of the houses or villas we do the marketing for in Lefkada.

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1. Property photoshoot. Must-have.

The first and most important part of the whole renting process. No, you don’t get away with mobile phone pictures, no matter how tempting, free and easy that is. No, you don’t get away with the cheapest photoshoot on the market. I mean, you do get away with that, but don’t expect more than average results.

We want your property to bring excellent results. That’s why you need an excellent photoshoot. You’re making the holiday home photoshoot only once, so you’d better make it a great one that helps your property stand out from the holiday rentals crowd.

Half of the job is … actually yours 😊 Your holiday villa needs to look and feel perfect for the photoshoot. It needs to be decluterred and clean, inside-out. Floors, windows, kitchen, bathrooms, garden and exterior spaces too. We kindly ask you to take care of all that. 2 pillows for each person, ironed bedding, clean towels are a must-have. Plus whatever other things you intend to leave for guests to use. A messy and dusty house looks as bad in photos as in real life. 

We set a date for the photoshoot and we kindly ask you to let us take over the house, for at least one full day. Sometimes 2. We bring our own props, including eatable props, to make the villa look lived in. 

Our turn to work now 😊 We photoshoot the heck out of your property, inside-out. We take all possible angles, nothing escapes. Wide shots, details, ambient, indoor, outdoor, drone (aerial). This way you’ll end up with a professional photoshoot, that makes your holiday rental appealing to potential future guests, and makes it truly stand out among the other hundreds (soon thousands) of villas marketed for rent in Lefkada. 

This is how it all starts. Now that we have the photoshoot in order, let the show begin! You can see more of our photography work for holiday rentals in Lefkada on our real estate photography portofolio page.

2. Property video. Good-to-have.

We all love videos, but not everyone can afford to pay property video. It’s 2-3 times more expensive than a photoshoot. But if you think about it as a business man, the investment in a property video is recovered in no time. You get your money back in just 1-3 days of renting your villa in full season.

With all the extra exposure a Youtube video brings, the chances for your property being found by people looking for accommodation in Lefkada … increase by a lot. 

Not only does a property video for a holiday home in Lefkada brings extra exposure, but it also lets the potential guests understand exactly how the space works, and helps them book your Lefkada holiday home with more confidence and the right expectations. 

Here’s one of our videos we did for a holiday rental villa on the Costa Blanca, Spain. All our holiday rental videos tell a story, have a voiceover, graphics – depicting the unique features of the property, a musical background to endulge the viewer closer to the atmosphere we are creating around your property. We’ve upgraded our video equipment since and added a drone. More of our property videos on our real estate video portfolio page

3. DIRECT SALES from holiday renting. What does it mean and why it's important?

There are 2 types of sales in holiday renting: direct sales and indirect, or third-party sales. A direct sale is when a customer books directly with the owner, or the owner’s local contact (in this case, that would be us). An indirect or third-party sale is when the client books via one of the online booking platforms such as Booking.com, Airbnb, Vrbo, Tripadvisor, etc. 

There is one big fat difference between the 2 types of sales. All these booking platforms take a (not so small) comission from each client they bring you. 

No, unfortunately you can’t exist as a successful holiday home without the booking platforms. Well… at least not in the first year. We need them to encourage viewers to search for you directly and start receiving direct enquiries.

Our goal is to bring as many direct bookings as possible. For many reasons: people who book directly, they often become returning customers; when they have a complaint they resolve it directly with you, not going via the exausting route of the booking platforms; when they’re happy they often recommend your holiday rental to their friends; and the best thing about it is you don’t pay any commissions to the booking platforms.

how do we bring direct sales for your holiday home?

All the marketing and exposure on all the different places where the property will be listed on the internet are meant to direct the potential clients to a comprehensive webpage, such as this one we created for Jasmine Cottage Lefkada. Here’s where people can see all the photos and the info on the house, as well as neighbourhood and activities around. They can easily book directly, by contacting us or the owner itself, depending on what works best for you.

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what about social media? is that for direct sales too?

Yes, social media acts like a direct booking platform. People searching on Facebook, Facebook Groups or Instagram for accommodation in Lefkada will stumble accross your holiday rental and will make a direct enquiry. 

We do all that for you, create a profile for your holiday home in Lefkada on the relevant social media for the area. We create a personality for your holiday rental and keep it updated and active througout the year. People can contact you, or us, directly from social media, and book direct, without paying the booking platforms commissions.

You can check out some social media profiles we currently manage for holiday rentals such as Thealos Village Resort Lefkada on Facebook or Villa Arapaki Lefkada on Facebook (although not available as a holiday rental right now, as the villa was recently sold with our marketing services).

You can also view some of our own social media accounts, such as HelloFromParadise on Instagram, Lefkada Last Minute on Facebook and Instagram

We are active on Facebook Groups and we also have created our own groups Hello From Greece, Hello From Paradise and Lefkada Last Minute Rentals by Owners.

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what about google? how does it bring direct bookings?

Your property can appear on Google searches in many ways. As we mentioned previousely, having a Youtube video helps your property rank higher in searches. This brings direct bookings. But then, so does having a dedicated webpage on our website or even your own website, such as this one we made for Villa Arapaki.

Most importantly, when it comes to Google searches, having that little box in the right side of the screen with your property’s name on it, is crucial in today’s renting world for direct bookings. That featured box comes from a thing called Google MyBusiness and it acts as another way of getting direct sales. We create the profile for your holiday rental on Google MyBusiness and make sure it’s always up to date. Here’s an example on how a holiday villa is displayed when searched on Google.

4. And now, about the online booking platforms saga...

What each holiday rentals needs, no matter where in the world it’s from, is a strong profile on all the relevant booking platforms that work well for a specific area.

Where we are now in Lefkada, a few booking platforms stand out and work well together: Booking.com, Airbnb, Vrbo, Tripadvisor, Lefkada-Rentals.com, Lefkada Slow Guide are a few examples.

I won’t even go into all the mumbo-jumbo of how a property stands out on the booking platforms. We just make it happen with everything that we do. We make sure your listing has the right name, the right photos in the right order, the complete and detailed description to attract the right customers for your property.

We create a unique pricing strategy, we verify it’s adequate, and then… we play around with it 😊. There are many variables we take into account when we deleop such a personalised pricing strategy, both relevant and attractive for future guests. Depending on the offer, demand, season, local events, oportunities and foremost on the status of the holiday rental market in Lefkada, we make sure your pricing works and that you have most days booked out. We syncronize the calendars and allow instant booking. That’s crucial. We’re fast. As, we’re always connected to the internet, we’re very fast We ensure the customers questions are answered immediately.

And most significantly, we get all the info out there, so that they can easily find your property on Google after a quick search, enquire directly, and make a direct booking without the booking platforms commissions. 

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What now?

Your turn 😊.

We just wanted to gave you some things to think about. In the same time, we told you a bit of what we can do for your holiday rental.

In any case, when you do decide who is going to be renting out your Lefkada property for you, at least now, after reading our ridiculously long article, you should know exactly what questions you need to ask to the holiday rental agency, or property management company in Lefkada. 

There are many good rental agencies in Lefkada, so go ahead and approach them. They have the means and infrastructure of handling hundreds of properties at a time. We can’t afford to do that. 

However, if you vibed with our “boutique, owner oriented” approach and like this style better, maybe you’d prefer working with us instead. Just say hello and we take it from there. We can only handle a few properties at a time, so let’s see if yours is to be one of them. 

No matter what you choose, we wish you happy renting and a prosperous 2022! And thanks for making it to the end 😊 It means you really care about your villa. 

Feel free to have a chat with us about your property for rent in Lefkada (or anywhere else in the world).

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questions we got from other owners:

My holiday rental property is not in Lefkada, but somewhere else in Greece, or even another country. Can you handle my online property marketing for holiday rentals?

Yes. We’ll make our research and find you a good local photographer. That’s all we need to start promoting your property and handle all the online booking platforms and direct renting websites. We just need a good online communication with you and we’re good to go. We’ll do the online sales and you need to take care of the check-ins, cleaning and maintance.