A Church in the Middle of Turquoise Seas? That’s right! The story of Agios Nikolaos & The Island of Sikelianos (Lefkada, Greece)

The little Greek church of Agios Nikolaos, built on a fine sand islet called The Island of Sikelianos, close to the entrance of Lefkada Island in the Ionian Sea is one of those places you rarely get to see in a lifetime. Watch the video below to see it from a bird's eye perspective and read the whole article to find out interesting facts about this tiny piece of historical paradise.
Agios Nikolaos Church on the Island of Sikelianos | drone photography

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Passing by the Island of Sikelianos on the way to Lefkada Island


We used to drive by this paradise islet known as The Island of Sikelianos many times during our trips to our beloved Lefkada Island. We stopped several times to take some pictures but never had time to approach closer. 

Ane we always wondered what could be the story of this place. We managed to distinguish a sort of orthodox church, signaled by the cross that you can see with the naked eyes from the main road to Lefkas Island

We finally have some time to dig in the little things that, unfortunately never had enough leverage to climb up to the top of our priorities. Read the About us section to understand more about “A World of Having Time” project…

Do you think you really know Greece?


To really get to know Greece, one probably needs more than just his own lifetime. The more you think you know about this beautiful European country, the more you understand you actually don’t

After you’ve seen everything that’s on the MUST-SEE list and you’ve went where everybody tells you to go, that’s where the best part of your Greek experience starts.

After visiting many obvious touristic places in Greece, we’ve sort of consumed what’s supposed to be readily available and at easy reach for everybody. 

Agios Nikolaos Church at The Island of Sikelianos in Greece
A trip to the Greek heaven

Discovering things through the Do-It-Yourself Tourism

We’re constantly looking for the “surprise” element that you don’t always have time to discover. That’s where the “do-it-yourself” tourism comes :).  I don’t even know if that’s a thing, we just like to think of it that way.

It was just our way of getting to know Greece better and eventually the final reason of us wishing we’d spend the rest of our life in this blessed country. 

I could talk for hours about our reasons for choosing Greece as our “place to be” but that’s not the purpose of this article :). 

Let’s get to know a little bit this insanely beautiful piece of heaven sitting on The Island of Sikelianos. 

Places to visit during your trip in Lefkada - Agios Nikolaos church in the middle of the sea
Loving the surprise element of Greece!

So, where is The Church of Agios Nikolaos located exactly?

The Church of Agios Nikolaos (Ο Άγιος Νικόλας) is located on the so called Island of Sikelianos in Demata Bay, Western Greece, close to Lefkada Island.

Here is the place on Google Maps

You can see it with the naked eye while driving toward the Island of Lefkada, but there’s no way you see the whole beauty of it, unless you swim, sail or fly over it. 

A church built on an islet surrounded by turquoise sea in Greece
Agios Nikolaos Church built on the Island of Sikelianos, in Demata Bay, close to Lefkada Island in Greece

Watch the video of the lagoon in Vagia area, Lefkada, next to the Island of Sikelianos

The story and history of Agios Nikolaos Church

From our undestanding, St. Nikolaos is the patreon saint of sailors, fisherman, navy and all related sea seekers. People pray to him for the safety of their beloved ones gone at sea. We deduct many of the churches built on rocks in the sea in Greece are there for this purpose.

Many fishermen in the area found this spot the perfect place as a shelter and resting time. Lucky them for having such a nice place for a picnic :).

The Greek orthodox church protecting the sailormen and fisherman
Greece always chooses the best spots for its churches

The Island of Sicilianos (Sikelianos), a famous Lefkadian poet

Right now, there is nobody living there, but in the past, the beloved Lefkadian poet named Angelos Sikelianos (1884-1951) lived here with his wife Eva Sikelianos and their son. This is where he got most of his inspiration for his acclaimed collection of poetry. 

It is said that Eva loved this place so much, that she offered to buy the little islet, but that didn’t work out in the end.

In Lefkada Island, there is a dedicated museum for the Greek poet with 9 Nobel Prize nominations for his work. Go to the website of the museum to find out when it can be visited.

Read more obout Angelos Sikelianos (Άγγελος Σικελιανός) from Greeka.com.

If you want to learn more about the life and accomplishments of Angelos and Eva Sikelianos watch the video below. 

When can you visit Ag. Nikolas Church in Lefkada?

Agios Nikolaos Church is opened officialy to the public only one day each year for a religious celebration. That’s the upcoming Sunday after the 10th of May.

Nevertheless, you can visit this place anytime you want you. You just need to swim, row a boat, or sail to arrive to this tiny island. The area is fantastic for paddle boarding and we understand it’s a favourite spot for sup fans in Lefkada.

A little piece of paradise surrounded by turquoise water and fine sand in Greece
This is what we call Paradise

Before the church, a temple of Afrodite ruled the islet

Another interesting fact is that a temple dedicated to Afrodite had been built here in ancient times, so the present church is supposed to be constructed on the site of an ancient temple. 

A temple of Afrodite used to sit here in ancient times
The church is built on an ancient temple of Afrodite

We would love to find out more historical facts about this place and would really appreciate if you’d like to contribute, in our quest to offer relevant and correct information about the things we discover on our journey of discovering Greece.

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