Impressions After 34 Years of Living in Greece as a Foreigner | Interview with Neil McRobert (Video)

Meet Neil McRobert, a British citizen living in Greece for 34 years in an interview talking about living in Greece as a foreigner and adapting to the Greek culture. An interesting interview about ex-pats living in Greece, from a personal point of view.
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We talked to Neil and asked him about his views on living in Greece as a foreigner. He's been here for 34 years, so we thought he'd bring some insights on life in Greece.

His life in Greece revolved around sailing. Neil made Greece his own playground for doing what he likes most: building and designing boat elements and racing in local regattas with his sailing boat. He has a Greek wife and two children. Neil adapted to the Greek culture and learned the Greek language in a natural way that didn’t seem too difficult for him.

All the expats living in Greece we asked, gave us the same answer: "I would never go back to the UK. Not even for a million euros."

Neil doesn’t imagine living anywhere else than here in Lefkada Island of Greece. He wouldn’t go back to his home country for any reason, as his whole life is here now and he is satisfied of how his life turned out.

A similar answer came from a different person (whom we hope to interview soon, because she’s very interesting as well) was: “I would never go back to England. Not even in a wooden box 🙂 ” It really made us laugh.

Watch this 20 min. video interview, where Neil talks about his experience of living in Greece as a foreigner (see the video below)

We’re very happy that Neil accepted our invitation for this interview. He made the move 34 years ago, in an age that relocating to Greece wasn’t “a thing”. Now that Greece is becoming more and more attractive for expats owning a second home, retirement or relocation, we thought it’d be nice to talk to some people who made the move a long time ago and find out what they have to say.

We think these expats living in Greece for a while now have precious insights and they could give out some hope and inspiration for the ones who are now just dreaming every day about living in a sunny Mediterranean climate, in a slow paced lifestyle and are not just looking at Spain and Portugal.

Greece is becoming more and more a captivating and fascinating option, with a very unique approach to everyday life and with what is (probably) the most beautiful sea-mountain-island landscape combo in Europe. Now that the Greece Golden Visa Program is in place, things just got easier (yeah, but for the ones who can afford that, because it’s not cheap).    

PS. We hope to make an interview with a Greek lawyer talking about the Greece Golden Visa Program soon, we feel there are a lot of details to be discussed. 

For now, we leave you with Neil. Enjoy! Oh, and yes, like, subscribe, do whatever you want because more exciting interviews about living in Greece, buying a property or land in Greece are coming. And because it motivates us to do more stuff like this.

Want to see another one? Here you go.

Meet Tree, she’s one of Neil’s best friends on the island (and our dear friend as well :D) and she’s been living here in Lefkada for more than 20 years. Watch her story in this video interview we recently made with her

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Life just got better.

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