I need a time machine. Does anybody have one for rent?

I wish we had chosen Greece from the first moment we knew something was off. I wish we had the guts.

Why do we need a time machine? What's wrong?

To go back in time… for about 4 years. Maybe it won’t be such an expensive ride with a second hand time machine. I looked on Facebook Marketplace around. None available for now. 

I would go back in time to have a talk with my younger self. To tell myself a few things and save ourselves some tens of thousands of euros and the exhausting time spent looking for the perfect place. 

If you’re new here you can start with reading our story to get a better understanding on the source of today’s post.

This is what I’d say to my younger (and way too optimistic) self:

“Ok, something is wrong. Go to Greece. Do it now. You like it there. You like it more than any other place in the world. It feels right. Start looking for a plot. Doesn’t really matter where. Ok, you want an island. Go for the island. But do it now, while you can afford it. 

And whatever you do, don’t think you’ll find something better for you anywhere else. No matter how long you keep looking for, you’ll just get further and further away from your place. 

Oh, and compromise. Compromise more than you’d ever be willing to. You just can’t have it all. Especially on a Greek Island. Stick with what makes you happy and leave the rest. Things will calm down if you find peace.”  

Maybe finding a time machine would be easier than finding an affordable plot. Or easier than finding all-year rent on a Greek Island.

2 years ago, we finally took the decision to settle in Greece and find our plot. We either chose an island which is too expensive for us, or the “siga-siga” thing is testing us. 

Finding a house for all-year long rent on a Greek Island that relies heavily on seasonal tourism seems mission impossible. I don’t blame them, it’s perfectly understandable.  

We changed 4 rental houses. Now we need to find one again. 

The one thing that sweetens this continuous search for housing and plot is our good friend who said she’ll be letting us rent her place for the summer (again). After that, who knows where we’ll be?

Other than that, all good.

We are usually patient, I guess we just had a tough morning when realizing we’re in this circle that doesn’t seem to have a way out. Yet.

And we don’t complain. We are not allowed to complain. This is what we chose. Life is good. We have partially found our peace. But of course, life doesn’t always go as planned.

Guess we’ll need more patience. Does it sell in bulk? I’d like 10 kilos please 🙂 



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Life just got better.

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