The Greek Island Lost in Time… Hydra, Greece (Video)

Went to Hydra Island in Greece and made a review video with my own view. My way of keeping my Greece memories.
old wooden taverna table painted in hydra island greece

Watch my video below on Hydra Island.

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Hydra Island: You've never seen so many donkeys walking around 🙂

The video above is my own view on Hydra Greece, a charming and chic travel destination close to Athens. 

It’s a sort of personal review, as it’s such a lovely place on Earth! Watch my Hydra Island video and find out more about this peculiar island, where no cars or motorcycles are allowed and the only means of transportation is provided with donkeys and taxi boats.

Hydra Island is connected to Athens through fast ferries and it’s just one hour and a half from Piraeus Port. 

It is a destination that the Greeks love, but it also attracts international tourists who choose this island because of its history, laid back philosophy, architecture and bohemian vibes. 

Leonard Cohen, the Canadian singer, composer, poet and writer relocated on Hydra Island in the 60’s and lived here for 6 years. It seems he had found his inspiration right here, as he became famous after this experience. 

Also, Hydra was the island of choice for a few movie productions, including Sophia Loren’s “Boy on a Dolphin”. 

This Hydra Isand mini-documentary was created with my own photos and it is based on my own experience. I loved it here so much! A truly special place on Earth! 

hydra island travel guide

Any thoughts on Hydra? Your Hydra Island Review? Share them down below in the comment section.

I love hearing what other people have to say about the places I’ve been to. It’s always good to hear other’s people thoughts. Feel free to share yours in the comment section. Cheers! 🙂 

hydra island greece reviews video
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