Walk with me in this lovely Greek Island called Hydra, where time is timeless and no cars are allowed. My Hydra Island Tour in Photos.
hydra island travel guide

Hydra Island was such a breath of fresh air. Made a bunch of photos to show you around Hydra Island

Walking on the narrow streets was soooo enjoyable. We only had one day. Unfortunately. But I think it’s such a special experience to spend at least one week on this island. You just feel like you’re in a different world. 

Living on a greek island | blog

Life just got better.

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The more you walk, the more you discover... Enjoy these photos from lovely Hydra.

This is the beautiful and (almost) forgotten Greek arhictecture at its finest. I feel this type of Greek Island arhitecture is full of life, especially when it’s accompanied by so many Mediterranean flowers and aromatics… I just loved being here and feeling this place. It’s a sort of vibe you rarely find nowadays… 

No cars, motos or space travel. Only donkeys. More Hydra Island Photos.

Get your sport shoes and walk around the island. Or take a donkey. There are no other options here. The Municipality wants to preserve this island. That’s why donkeys are the favourite transport means. But spare them if you go, just walk. It’s good for your legs 🙂 

I leave you with my video. Cheers! Enjoy!

My own view on Hydra Island in the video below.

Hydra Island Greece Photos
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