My kitchen towels are clean, yet they still smell. How can you get the stink out.

Dirty, filthy and worst of all smelly kitchen cloth situation? Here's how you get your kitchen towels squicky clean and also with a nice scent.
stinky kitchen cloths how to clean and get rid of the old cloth smell

What's the best way to remove the odor from kitchen cloths?

a kitchen cloths cleaning talk

Stinky, smelly kitchen cloths? Yuck, I hate that too! Have solution. Don’t worry. Be happy. Let me show you how I manage the odour problem coming from old kitchen towels and cloths. 

You’re not only going to have your kitchen towels and cloths nice and clean, but you’ll also learn how to make it smell nice. You just need some essential oil you have laying around. You be like… “Why haven’t I thought of this?!?”

Well… this is an easy one. This kitchen cloth cleaning solution was used way before the mighty washing machines even existed. The trick is just a basic one: boiling the dirty kitchen cloths for a few minutes. Use some dishwasher detergent tablets or clothes detergent for manual washing. Pretty sure, it works also with manual dishwashing liquid. Remember: Any solution you put in the boiling water needs to have a bit of degreaser power.

At the end, I like to sprinke a few drops of my favourite essential oil. My go-to essential oil is lemongrass. It makes the old cloths smell nice and also softens them a bit.

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Watch this short video tutorial on how to remove the stink out from old kitchen cloths, kitchen towels or sponges. 

The kitchen cloths still feel dirty even if they're clean? Try this method out (video):

stinky kitchen cloth will no longer be an issue if you go for this method.

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How long do you need to boil the dirty kitchen cloths to disinfect them?

cleaning and disinfecting dirty smelly kitchen cloths

I would say 2 minutes is enough. I let them simmer for another 5 to 10 minutes and then I rinse. It’s a really fast and efficient method for cleaning very dirty kitchen towels and cloths. Especially for the ones that still feel dirty after you get them out of the washing machine. I love it and it’s the only one I use to deep clean my dirty, stinky kitchen towels. I also hate the smell of chlorine, plus it’s attacking the fiber in time. 

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Good solid question. Will the smelly kitchen cloths loose color if you boil them?

kitchen cloths cleaning by boiling. how do you hande the colour mixing?

If they are colored and new, boil them separately for the first 2-3 times. With the old kitchen cloths, if you boil them like I suggest, for 2 minutes, and them simmer for 5 minutes, you shouldn’t have any decoloration issues. I preffer adding ready boiled waiter from the kettle to the pot, rather than waiting for the water to boil. 

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How can you make old chicken cloths and towels smell good again?

old kitchen cloths smell. that's what they do 🙂 so long sucker-smell!

Ok, so now that you’ve boiled and disinfected the stinky kitchen cloths, you have two options. You can leave them odorless (with a neutral scent), or you can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil, and leave them for 5 minutes to soften and get the scent. Then rinse and dry them. They should be smelling and feeling nice and clean.

how to get rid of stink kitchen towels and cloth boiling

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Tell me if this method worked for you!

did it work? do you now have clean and nice smelling kitchen cloths? let me know.

I’m very curious if this way of cleaning dirty stinky kitchen cloths and towels works for you as good as it works for me. Let me know in a comment what happened when you tried. Cheers!

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