Greek Farm Life in Photos

This was a very special day. We were invited to visit a Greek farm. Of course, we had to take a few photos. Here they are...
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Smile to a Greek and he opens up his world

Unless you’re completely absorbed with yourself, once you come to Greece for the first time, you can’t help but notice the Greek face microexpressions. Most of them, especially in the countryside don’t wear masks. No, I don’t mean Covid masks.

They may smile or grin. They may laugh in a funny way that makes you laugh right back. They may be sad or bored. They may be angry or argumentative. In any case, they are real. Real is something that you rarely get to see or feel in a developed settlement. We like real, we missed real. 

Today’s story is beautiful and simple, as are the Greeks that inspired it. This family right here. They own and manage a Greek farm and butcher shop.

Belegrinos Farm Butchery Vasiliki Lefkada

We have been buying meat from the local butchery in Vasiliki, Lefkada for a few months (Belegrinos Farm). Besides the fact that these guys are very nice and friendly, we thought they have great meat and nice variety ,so we asked if we could take some pictures. Will show you the pics from the butchery in another story. 

They kindly invited us to visit their family farm in Lefkada. I leave you with the pictures we loved taking.   

living on a greek island | blog

Life just got better.

Watch the latest video from Greece:

Which photo is your favourite? This is mine 🙂

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