Greece: Love at first sight vs. Long-term relationship.

Holidays in Greece are okay. But then you go back home and you're kind of miserable. Something is missing. We came back for more.
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Hi (again).

Some exciting news (at least for us): we just started making some nice little videos about our experience with Greece living.

We have soooo much footage. Our computer is suffocating. Time to get some of it out. Guess I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to memories. Gathered thousands images worth of years and years of Greece. Plus gigas of videos from our life here on our little Greek Island. 

That laidback and sunny Mediterranean lifestyle captivated us so much. We feel the need to share. Sharing Greek Islands living and vibes brings us joy. Hope it’ll bring some joy for you, too!

First, the video. Feel it. Then, keep on reading.

So… pretty straight forward…. Being a tourist vs. living in Greece… totally different. You got the main idea if you’ve watched the video above.

We thought it would be nice to show you more of the beaches on our island (Lefkada, Ionian Islands). The place you just saw in the video is a really famous beach here in Lefkas. It’s beautifully named Kathisma Beach. The images that follow are also from Kathisma. We just thought it’s a nice background for today’s story. That is… Greek Islands living vs. just visiting.

First time in Greece... Wait. What just happened?

Greece is like a gorgeous princess you meet on a sunny day, on a narrow stone street.

You see her once and it’s like a spell. You’re in deep trouble. You’re in love. You don’t know exactly what it is that makes you love her. 

You don’t know anything about her.

You just feel there’s something special.

It’s not only the way she looks, it’s also another something. It must be a sort of vibe that she carries around with her. 

It feels like the sun is shining just for her. Oh God, I need to find out more about her. 

But then you blink. And she’s gone.

Greece is like a gorgeous lady. No, like a beautiful princess.

Where are you?

A bit confused, you ask yourself if she was even real?!?

Nevermind. You just hope she was really there. So, you keep coming back to that street, hoping she’ll be there again.

She is. She is watching you. From her princessy little window. But you can’t see her. 

You keep coming back now and again, when you have a bit of free time from work, and even though you can’t find her… whenever you’re there, you can almost sense the same kind of love. Well, this is just weird.

Was she even real?

What's that got to do with Greece?


That’s more or less how I see coming to Greece on holidays, for the first time.

It messes up you brain. It makes you feel almost miserable when you go back home after a holiday in Greece. 

For most of us, Greece is love at first sight. We all keep coming back for more. Addiction. I guess this is the the word I’m looking for. Good kind of addiction. If there is such a thing.

kathisma beach lefkada
One of the beaches we wanted to have closer to home (Kathisma Beach, Lefkas, Greece)

Marry me.

Coming back to our story with that pretty princess…

At some point, after a few years of going back to that little street, you realize that her image never left you. You still feel there’s something missing from your life. Even though you have what “they” call “a good life”.

What is a good life, by the way??? Whoah, that’s a nice one. Now I need to write about that too. Another time, maybe. 

You feel the only thing that could make you happy again is having that lady by your side. Day & night. You want to live a life where she’s there, next to you, no matter what.

You’re willing to let everything go, just to hold her in your arms forever. This way, maybe the sun will shine for you too… Even if you’re no prince. Just a regular guy.

For obvious reasons, all your friends are already giving you unsolicited advice: 

“You barely know her. Wait, you don’t know her at all. You met once. Now you want to marry her? You’re loosing your mind. Chill man, your life is so good the way it is. Don’t risk it. You might end up loosing everything. Including me, old friend…”

lefkada best beaches - kathisma beach
Having this close to home. That's what we wanted.

First real date.

You’re like… Screw that. Old friend… I’m going for her. I will find her, eventually. And we’ll be together for the rest of our lives. Growing old, through good and bad, happily everafter.

This time, because of your intense thoughts, she has somehow… heard them. And she accepted to come at a real date. Same place, same time. The little charming street, some day in August.

lefkada beaches, ionian islands, greece
Not Kathisma here, but Megali Petra Beach (also in Lefkada). This one seemed a better fit for the story.

She's not perfect. But then again, who is?!

You find out your princess far from perfect. You find out she has suffered a lot during her lifetime. You find out she’s willing to let you see her, this time for who she really is. Only because you are comitted to give her something precious: Your time & your full attention.

Many other men have taken her out for a date and they had good fun and maybe even  a mind-blowing one-night stand. But you’re the one willing to offer her long-term love. That’s what she’s been longing for the most. Someone who understands her, someone who trusts her, someone to tell her everyday that she’s the most beautiful. 

In exchange, she’ll be there for you. She’ll show you what a loving, peaceful life can be like. She’ll cook for you. Oh, you don’t need to worry about good food anymore. She’ll let you meet all of her supernatural friends: the storms, the sunsets, the birds, the sheep…

Oh and… especially the cats. You have got to love cats if you want to make it work.

Still wishing we had done this sooner. Still… better late than never (our story).

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Mediterranean living, Greece living or Greek Islands living… If all these sound good to you ,.. Maybe… See you around in … “a world of having time”? 

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Life just got better.

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