Egremni. The Unforgotten Beach. And a lot of stairs.

Egremni Beach in Lefkada has new access stairs and a brand new asphalt road. That's just awesome news!

Egremni Beach. Yes, the new stairs are ready in 2021. And some photos to prove it 🙂

Egremni stairs 2021 are ready. So is the asphalt road down leading to the stairs.

5 months in the "waiting room" due to lockdown.

As you guys probably already know, we’ve been in a very strict lockdown since November 2020. We spent the whole winter in the house, only going out for basic shopping and for walking our dog.

Well, it’s April now… Still lockdown, but with a few liberties (not really worth mentioning).

aerial photography of egremni beach new access road by car 2021
Egremni Beach can now be accessed by car
drone photo of egremni new stairs 2021
The newly built stairs to Egremni

First place we wanted to see when possible? Egremni Beach.

BUT…. finally the other weekend we were allowed to drive around the island. Whoo-Whoo!!! We’ve been waiting for this day for so long, we knew the place we first want to see was Egremni. We knew they were working on the new road and stairs.

This iconic beach in Lefkada was partially destroyed at the 2015 Earthquake. The beach itself has mostly recovered. Mother nature has its ways. But… the stairs and the road leading down to the beach were history.

brand new asphalt road to egremni beach
The brand new asphalt road to Egremni
a lot of stairs to climb down to egremni lefkada
Next time, I will count the stairs

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Life just got better.

Watch the latest video from Greece:

Finally, after almost 6 years, it can be accessed by foot again! Egremni Beach stairs 2021 are reaaaadyyyy!

Meanwhile all these years the access to the beach was done by boat only. Now in 2021, it seems that we will have Egremni accessible by foot again. The local Municipality constructed a new road and stairs leading down to Paradise. 

It seems to me as such a great and difficult engineering project. It looks soooo scenic from the drone. Well done, guys! It really looks incredibly beautiful! Hope you’ll also finish the parking lot till tourists come ;).

Egremni is usually love at first sight.

Now that we live here, we love it even more. We don’t often go down there. Sometimes we just sit up and admire it with a bird’s eye view from the drone. It’s so imposing, so massive, that most of the times for us, there’s no need to go down there. 

bucketlist beaches egremni
Egremni Beach should be on any decent bucketlist 🙂
Bucketlist destinations in greece
It's a long way down but it's worth every step

We didn't even feel the need to go down this time.

We didn’t go all the way down this time, but for sure will do it at the next visit. Enjoy the pics we took with the new road and stairs leading to Egremni. 

egremni one of the best beaches in lefkada
παραλια εκγρεμνοι

Next time... I'll be on the beach drinking beers.

Can’t wait to go there for a whole day with some six-packs and just listen to the waves and spend some quality time in this (still) secluded piece of paradise. 

egremni new stairs 2021

My Egremni Video Tribute

You know how much we love Lefkada by now, right? Sometimes we go out and make some videos of our favourite places. 

They are available on our Youtube Channel called Hello From Paradise. Feel free to subscribe and get notified when we post something new. This is happening normally when we have time and some inspiration, so you’ll not be bothered too much :).

Till next time, I leave you with our Egremni video. It’s one of our favourite videos we’ve made in Lefkas.

If you ever go down there, let me know how it was 🙂

I’d love to hear your own experience of Egremni if you want to share it. Leave a comment below. Cheers!

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PS. Here is another iconic place in Lefkada. We like to call it The Sanctuary. It’s a church built in the middle of the sea :). 

Ok, bye for now!

Egremni Beach New Stairs and Road Access 2021
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