Drone Photography Lefkada

Upgrade your holiday home with new aerial photos for 2021 season

Limited offer: ONLY 150 EURO


Getting ready to rent your home for 2021 season?

It’s a lot of work. I know. 

I also know we can give you a hand.

We are Hello From Paradise Project. And we decided to give you guys a hand out with drone photography for you holiday home in Lefkada

For a limited time, we are offering an affordable package of 15 drone photos for only 150 EURO

Hurry up, tourists are almost here! 

PS. We speak English and Spanish.

Aerial property photography

Essential drone photos
15 photos

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Some of our landscape drone photography in Lefkada

Do you REALLY need drone photos for your holiday rental in Lefkada? Hmmm... Let's see...

It depends. If you are already fully booked, good for you. This means you’ve done a great job in promoting your property. No, you don’t need drone images, because obviously you’re doing just fine.

You only REALLY need drone photography for your property in one of the 2 following cases: 

  • If this is the first year you’re renting your home
  • If your bookings are inexistent or slow

There are quite a few other things you can do to boost your sales. This is just one of them. It just helps with showing some very attractive angles. 

More things we can do to boost your rentals

Wide Angle Photography

Interior arhitectural photography for renting or selling your property

Property Video

Video that shows the best of your property for renting or selling your house

Booking platforms

Creating or updating your listing on the online Booking platforms

More of our drone photography work in Lefkas

Enjoy one of our favourite drone videos from Lefkada

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