Yuck! Burnt glass stove tops – 5 steps to a good clean – baking soda, dishwashing liquid and glass scraper

When cooking gets dirty you can end up with a very dirty cooktop. Have you seen this method of cleaning the burn marks of your glass stove top? You need baking soda, dishwashing liquid and a glass scraper. Good as new. Just follow the instructions.
clean burnt stove top glass with baking soda and scraper

Shall we? I trialed and errored, so that you don't have to go through all that.

clean burnt stove top glass with baking soda and scraper? follow the instructions as not to scratch your cooktop.


I tried. I failed. Then I tried and failed again. And again. Until one day, when something finally worked. 

Here’s the most efficient method I know for safely cleaning your burnt glass stove top with baking soda and a scraper, with all the results but without the scratches. You’ll also need some liquid dish detergent, baking soda and a some hot water. 

Removing difficult burn marks on your cooktop often seems mission impossible. But it’s not quite true. I used my electric hob massively for 2 weeks and never cleaned it during this time. I needed a very dirty glass cook top to experiment on. Just to share what I recently discovere on how to remove all that gross accumulated burnt food from your induction cooktop or electric stove top. 

This cleaning method with household items works excellent for all types of glass cooktops: electric ceramic cooktops, vitroceramic hobs and induction cookers.

Here’s the BEFORE… trying this cleaning method of burnt stove top glass with baking soda and scraper

cleaning burnt and very dirty vitroceramic stove top
Accumulated grease, burn marks and overall a disgusting surface doesn’t really create an appetite for my cooking mojo.

Here’s the AFTER… cleaning induction or electric stove top with glass scraper

clean burn marks on electric stove
Bright, shiny, good as new. Got my cooking mojo back 🙂

I’ve got my cooking mojo back and I can get back to cooking now. It’s not like I have other options with this pandemic (still) going on.  

If your stovetop is as dirty as it can get, it’s highly probable your pats and pons bottoms are about the same. Found an interesting way to clean pans bottom as well.

living on a greek island | blog

Life just got better.

Watch the latest video from Greece:

5 steps for safely cleaning your glass stove top with baking soda and this special razor (4 minutes)

watch the video or keep on reading for the instructions:

Step by step method for giving your glass stove top a good clean (even if it it's very dirty and has burnt marks all over)

You need:

baking soda

(sodium bicarbonate)
2-3 tbsp

diswashing liquid

any manual dishwashing liquid you have (don't fixate on Dawn, whatever you have is good enough)
1-2 tbsp

very hot water (boiling)

about 1 cup

new(er) abrasive sponge

new glass surface scraper with sharp razor


Make your own homemade cleaning diy solution for stove tops with burn marks

For this do-it-yourself glass hob cleaning solution simply mix 2-3 tbsp baking soda, with 1-2 tbsp of any manual dishwashing liquid (do not fixate on Dawn – any dishwashing liquid works just fine),  and about 1 cup of very hot water (boiling). 

stovetop cleaner diy with baking soda

You don’t need exact quantities. What you want to achieve is a “loose” paste. The water needs to be really hot. That’s your secret weapon. And that’s your electric stovetop cleaner diy.

By the way, if your kitchen cloths and towels still smell, even after you’ve dumped them in the washing machine, try this way of cleaning and making the kitchen cloths smell nicely instead.

very dirty stove top cleaning solution homemade
Mix the ingredients to form a sort of a loose paste


Let this diy stove top cleaning  solution to rest on the stove top

Pour most of this mix on your stove top and let it sit there for about 20 minutes. Save some for a bit later.

The purpose of this hob cleaning solution is to soften the first layer of burn marks on the cooktop and to partially dissolve the grease junk that’s been sitting there for a while now.

Make sure you cover all areas, especially the white rings

Save some of your glass cooktop homemade cleaning solution for a second application. It might be necessary if your hob is suffering from extreme dirt.

Homemade cleaning solution for burnt ceramic stove top
Find something else to do for 20 minutes 🙂


Scrape and scrub. press on the sides of the scraper. careful not to scratch the glass.

Use the sharp blade of your glass scraper on the most worst affected areas. Those are usually around the white circles on your hob. 

The scraper will not damage your glass top if used corectly. Put pressure on the middle of the scraper and go back and forth without any sudden changes of direction

If there are still some places where the burnt marks stay stubborn, apply the pressure on one of the sides and insist with small movements on specific spots (usually necessary on the white rings). 

Most of the accumulated burnt grease from your electric stove top should come off at this stage of the process. 

cleaning induction stove top with glass scraper

After getting rid of the most problematic areas, scrub a bit all the surface of your top with an abrasive part of a sponge if necessary, using circular motions. For the abrasive to be abrasive, the sponge needs to be new or newer. 

Use a wet cloth or paper towel to remove some of the cleaning product. You want to be able to see what you’re doing and where you need to do a bit more scraping and scrubbing. We don’t stop till the cooktop glass is as good as new. 

While we’re at this gross kitchen clean talk….How’s your kettle? Full of limescale on the inside? Have you tried this brilliant cleaning kettle with vinegar method?

how to clean very dirty cooktop
Rub all areas with an abrasive sponge.

TIP for tricky parts on your hob:

If you have some really stubborn burn marks, the trick is to apply pressure on just one of the sides of your scraper and use only that side, back and forth on narrower surfaces. This way you will put an end to those really burnt build-ups on the ceramic hob surface that seemed impossible to get rid of.  

clean burn marks on electric stove

Don’t worry if at this point your stove top is not 100% clean. 


Repeat (if needed)

At this point you probably still have some burn stains on your hob. This happens if your glass hob was extensively used for a long time and never been cleaned. To avoid that, use this way of maintaing your glass cooktop clean on a long run with this daily 1-minute quick routine

Good. Now you managed to soften and remove the first layer, now let’s make sure we remove all the remaining ones.

You need to apply Step 2 and Step 3 again to soften the oldest burn loads on the dirty stove top. You need to reheat the leftover cleaning solution in the microwave and let it sit on your stove top. 

This time you can leave the homemade cleaning solution for stovetop for only 10 minutes, as there’s less burnt grease mass at this stage.

Scrape and scrub the surviving burn marks from the cooktop, just like you did before.

All that burnt stuff on your glass hob should be gone by now.


Remove product, rinse and make it shine

Clear as much product as you can with a damp cloth. 

Spray window cleaner or just water on the glass surface and use paper towels or a dry clean cloth to dry. 

Do this a few times, until you are left with a streak free, clean and shiny surface.

Mission impossible? More like mission accomplished. You now have a clean stove top (again).

This is the easiest and fastest method I know for cleaning a glass hob with extreme burn stains and marks.

Using the scraper is mandatory. If you don’t have a glass scraper, try to get your hands on one. Go buy one. It will save you time and money. And it’s safe to use if you use it the right way.

Thank me later 😉

Questions you might have on cleaning your hob.

Can I clean my glass hob with an abrasive sponge?

You could also clean your stove top with an abrasive sponge, but this requires a lot of power scrubbing. Let’s face it… Who wants that? People are looking for easy cleaning methods. 

You will achieve the wanted result in the end, even with the abrasive part of a sponge, but it will get on your nerves before you finish it. So, save yourself some mojo and go get yourself a glass scraper.

Can I clean my stove top without scrubbing?

Use the method described in this article and keep scrubbing to a minimum. You need to combine a glass scraper with an abrasive part of a sponge. 

The homemade degreaser I advise you to use is a mix of sodium bicarbonate, dishwashing liquid and really hot water. 

Follow this step by step method and you’ll clean your stove top without too much effort or scrubbing.

Will the scraper scratch my glass hob?

No, if used correctly the sharp blade of the glass scraper will not damage your glass stove top. 

There are 2 correct ways to use your scraper that will protect your hob from getting scratched. 

The first one is to apply pressure on the middle and go back and forth, without any sudden changes of direction. 

The second one is for the most tricky areas. The secret is to apply pressure on just one side and use that side on very narrow areas, with the same back and forth movement.

Is there a fast way to clean my burnt stove top?

Probably there are some chemical hob cleaning solutions out there, but I always prefer to use what I have in around my household. Plus, I don’t like the smell of the most powerful and efficient commerce cleaning solutions.  

Is there a Dawn dishwashing liquid alternative for cleaning my stove top?

Dawn is a brand of manual dishwashing liquid, not so easy to find in all countries. Don’t fixate on Dawn, you can use whatever dishwashing liquid you are normally using for your manually washing your dirty dishes. 

For daily use, I prefer Fairy Premium, but really, it doesn’t matter that much when you just want to clena your stove top.

Try the step by step method described in this post and just use the one you have.

Wow, did you read it ALL?

Let me know if you have any thoughts or just say Hi if you’ve read all my article 🙂 It’s nice to get to your people, even if it’s just a bit.

For example you could tell me what’s the best thing that happend for you this week 🙂 

How to clean a very dirty glass vitroceramic or inductioncooktop
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