Chicken Liver Pate With Sweet Red Wine. Easy And Tasty Recipe.

Chicken liver pate recipe. Easy and quick recipe with a twist. Adding sweet wine to this liver pate recipe balances the bittnerness of the liver. Try it! It's super tasty! Even if you normally don't like chicken liver :) Learn how to make chicken liver spread like a real chef!
Homemade liver pate recipe easy

Am I going to show you mynice and easy chicken liver pate recipe? You bet I am!

This liver pate recipe with wine is actually one of my favourite appetizers in the whole wide world. Also one of my comfort foods.

Initially, I was cooking the liver pate with white wine but a friend told me to try with sweet red wine. So I did! And my Gosh it was soooo tasty! 

I perfected the recipe with time so this is my final take on How To Make The Best Chicken Liver Spread.  

You can go ahead and play the video below for my visual liver pate recipe. 

Or if you’re the reading type see the written recipe below the video recipe.

Chicken Liver Pate Recipe - VIDEO RECIPE. PLAY!

Is The Chicken Liver Pate The Same Thing With Foie Gras?

Not quite. Foie grass is typically made out fattened goose or duck liver. It tastes so good because the fat in this type of liver is a lot more than in the chicken liver. The fat is what gives the liver spread a sweet taste, balancing the bitterness from the liver. 

But that’s exactly what I tried to recreate by adding sweet red wine to the chicken liver pate recipe. It does the exact thing it adds the sweetness. And with the final touch of fat from butter…. you kinda get almost the same taste as you get from foie gras. 

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ingredients for homemade liver pate recipe
Ingredients For HomeMade Liver Pate

Ingredients For The Best Chicken Liver Pate Recipe

☑ chicken liver (300 g / 10 oz)
☑ 1 medium onion
☑ 2-3 garlic cloves
☑ olive oil – 5 Tbsp
☑ sweet red wine – 1 cup (Porto wine is wonderful for this recipe) 
☑ 1 Tbsp butter
☑ 2-3 dry or fresh sage leaves
☑ 1 dry of fresh bay leaf
☑ salt & pepper to taste 

tasty appetizer ideas - chicken liver pate homemade

Chicken Liver Pate With Sweet Red Wine - Step by Step Recipe

For those of you who are just starting to cook at home, please do not be afraid with anything. Especially with this recipe. 

It’s a very good start for beginner chefs. I think this chicken liver pate recipe is very good for growing your confidence in your cooking skills. Because it will be so delicious you won’t believe it you nailed it from the first try.

Step 1: Preheat the olive oil in a pan on medium heat and saute the onions till golden and translucid.

Step 2. Add the garlic and after 30 seconds, add the liver. Leave on medium heat for 10 minutes without a lid.

Step 3. Add the sweet red wine, together with the sage and bay leaves. Leave on medium heat for 30 minutes with a lid ON. Stir from time to time. Try it with a knife. If it’s brown inside, it’s done. It should not be pink.

Step 5. Put everything into a bowl and add the butter. Mix it with a hand mixer and make it into a paste. Now spread on bread and enjoy!

Bon apettit!

My personal preference is to serve them with pickled red pepper bells on the side. They’re sweet and sour so they go hand in hand with the bouquet aromas of this liver pate. 

By the way, I am kinda of obsessed with pickling. And I have a series of video recipes on how to make perfect pickles. What really annoys me when I buy them is that they’re not cruncky at all. I’ve been pickles since… as long as I can remember, so take a look at my old family pickling and preserving recipes and make your own pickles.  

Or go to your favourite sour vegetables. I have a few good recipes. Here you go! Pickled cucumbers (sweet and sour just perfect), pickled green tomatoes (super crispy and distinctive), pickled cauliflower, sauerkraut or pickled cabbage.

How do you like to serve the liver spread? What do you put on the sides. Leave a comment below. Everybody needs a bit of inspiration 🙂 


Make sure your container is clean. 

Step 1. Add the spices. If you’re using larger containers, keep some of the spices to placed them as you get closer to the top.

Step 2. Add the veggies in no particular order. You just need to squeeze in as many as possible.

Step 3. Make a cross shaped escape fencing from dry dill stems or celery leaves. That’s for preventing the veggies from rising to the top.

Step 4. Prepare the brine and make sure the salt has completely dissolved. Pour the brine and cover everything. If you have any brine left, keep it in the same place where you’ll be storing the pickles. You might need it later. See below why.

Put a lid on it and store it in the coolest, darkest place you have around. Pickles do best in cellars. That’s because the temperature is lower and most importantly, it’s constant. Pickles don’t really like changes in temperature. 

In case you want to give it a try without having a cellar, look for a place in your house where temperature is lower and constant. In this case you will need to check on them, as they might be ready eaven faster. 

In a basement or a cellar, pickled cucumbers should be ready in about 1 month, but of course this will depend on the conditions. 

You can open the lid anytime and try them and just see when they’re ready. 

A quick tip: check on them from time to time. In case you see the brine has diminished, just add some more to top it up. 

delicious and easy chicken liver pate recipe
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