A World of Having Time...?
About that... This is so weird.

Hi! We’re a team of 2 humans. Man & woman. When I say team, I mean team in all aspects of life. We live together, cook together, work together, we “everything” together. For almost 10 years now.

This is so weird. We’ve always been behind the cameras. But even now, with our first “personal” project, we don’t feel stepping out in the light completely. 

We’ll give you bits and pieces and let you assemble the puzzle, and one day if you’ll want to meet us in person, maybe we’ll go out for a beer. We’re now in Lefkada Island, Greece and don’t plan on leaving the island soon.

Personal background

living in greece as expats
This is us. Because we're usually behind the cameras.

Just a few words on our personal life. We started this website out of rage. The rage of simply not having enough time for the basics of life. We were way to tired for our ages. Although having successful carreers and an own business, we felt totally stuck. 

After a few years of this and hundreds of questions and just a few viable options… we found a way to “unstuck” ourselves. The final answer for us was: Leave everything behind and moveto Greece to live in “a world of having time”. 

We write about this on our “Living on a Greek Island Blog“. 

Professional background

We come from regular working families without fortune or fame. Just your regular middle class. Throughout the years, we worked our asses off and climbed up this ridiculous way of placing people into categories. That’s what we were told it would make us happy. It didn’t. Although we did only what we loved and were good at. 

Our expertise is and probably always will be on the creative side of life. Our combined professional backround includes music, events, photography, video production, marketing and project management. You can check out our Portfolio page to see some of our favourite photo/video sessions.

Our photo/video projects happening now

Basically, this is our photography & video & drone video production alias.

This is about the same but with a more practical aspect for travellers.

Photo-Video Portofolio

So far so good? Dive deeper into everything we do.

Work with us

We’re based in Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece