About us

We are a couple in our 40’s who sold everything and moved to Greece to live on a Greek Island in … A World of Having Time. In the last 2 years, we’ve tried to adapt to a completely different lifestyle. Read our whole story here.

We developed a few projects that make our souls happy.

Living On A Greek Island.
A very personal blog.

This is us sharing our stories are about how we, as a foreginer couple feel about living in Greece as expats. About living in a smaller community. About island life as a non-islander. About the simple things in life. About what determined us to move to Greece. About adapting to a different culture, in this case Greece culture. Of course, it is a very subjective view, we can’t have it any other way. 

Read more about this here.

Hello From Paradise.
A cinematic view on Greece.

This let’s say… artistic side of us is showcased on a Youtube channel we’ve made a while ago, called Hello From Paradise Project. Showcasing a bunch of places we like to call Paradise. Showing emotions, stories and our imagination from places which are part of our present life.

Hello From Paradise on Instagram

Lefkada Last Minute.
A practical visual guide of Lefkada.

Our practical side couldn’t stop us from sharing tips of places tourists often go to on our island. This project is called Lefkada Last Minute and it’s our way of sharing tips and tricks we’ve discovered for Lefkada’s most popular beaches.

Lefkada Last Minute on Instagram.

Real estate services in Lefkada

Our background is in Marketing, Photography, Video Production and Music. Helping owners renting or selling property in Spain, was a chapter our previous life, that led us to continue this in Greece

We cover everything related to creating an online infrastructure for renting or selling a property in Greece. We do this in a very detailed, boutique-style manner. Find out more about here Work-With-Us.

Here is one of our latest real estate projects. This villa for sale in Lefkada. And this is a villa that was recently sold with our unique approach.