About Living in Greece. A talk with a British Ex-pat who lives in Greece full-time.

Interesting interview with Tree Kewell, a 62 years old British ex-pat living in Greece for more than 20 years.
interview with an expat living in greece

Hey hey, brand new stuff going on 🥳🥳🥳! 

I guess we’re releasing our first interview ever 🙃🙃🙃 It’s the story of how a British expat moved to Greece and how she feels about it almost 20 years later

We feel it’s better for you to hear it first hand, rather than us writing about it. Excited and anxious in the same time about this new project, that we hope will become a very long series of interviews with expats living in Greece 😏!

We ourselves were inspired by some guys on Youtube when we bought our first sailing boat. We knew nothing about it, but these guys sailing Le Vagabonde gave us courage and excitement about sailing. And that was a whole new life start for us.

Episode 1 features our dear friend Tree Kewell. She’s living in Lefkada and she’s a lovely human being, positive and inspiring.

Hope this little chat we had gives some of you guys a bit of courage to take the leap of faith and finally move to Greece 😘.

Enjoy! (It’s 20 mins so do grab something to drink or snack on). 

PS. We’re planning to make many more interviews with people who decided they’d rather live in Greece than anywhere else…. so if you do have a story to tell, drop us a line at this very obvious email address [email protected]

A talk about life in Greece. Episode 1. Our guest is Tree Kewell, living in Lefkada Island.

Watch Episode 2, featuring Neil McRoberts living in Greece for 34 years.

About us

We’re a couple in our 40’s. Long story short: sold everything and moved to Greece. Made a blog and started writing about “Living on a Greek Island”. Here is our own story. Tag along for (almost) daily little stories on our Facebook Page, Twitter or Instagram. Go here is you want to read similar blog posts about Living in Greece from us. Yamas! (Cheers!)

expats in greece interview

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