A World of Having Time

A World of Having Time is the homemade project of a couple in their 40’s that decided to leave city life behind and move to a Greek Island to live a simple life in what they like to call “A World of Having Time”. 

Long story short… travelled a lot in the Med, bought an old sailing boat, sailed for a while, then sold everything but the boat and moved permanently in Greece, to our favourite holiday island – Lefkada, Ionian Islands.

In this World of Having Time we created a few experimental projects that we dearly love, out of our passion for photography, videography and storytelling.

The About Us page describes our background and our Portfolio page displays some our favourite photo/video work on the island.


Sold everything and left city life and moved to Lefkada Island in Greece.

Short day to day stories, discoveries and personal experiences on living on this beautiful island as expats.

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Our own view on Lefkada’s most scenic landscapes focused on Lefkada’s best beaches and nature side. 

A visual photo/video project of Lefkada, depicted as Paradise, the way we perceive it. 

cinematic video approach on Lefkada Island in the Ionian Islands – Greece.

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Our visual way of sharing Lefkada’s best beaches and tips for travellers visiting Lefkas. 

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